I love getting emails, it gives me a fantastic chance to procrastinate, so please feel free to drop me an email, pop a comment on facebook or even say hello on twitter.

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    Just a heads up though:
    1. Spammers: Go away.  People are bored of you.
    2. I am not interested in publishing your press releases or info-graphics to my "brand".  I appreciate a guys gotta work, but I really don't need the 60 update emails either.
    3. To that one guy that keeps emailing me pictures of various fruits:  I like your emails.  You can stay.
    4. In fact, all gloriously weird emails are accepted and praised.  Unless they contain pictures of your privates.  That's not cool.
    5. I actually do like hearing from people who have suggestions about recipes I've posted.  I'm not even just saying that, please feel free to correct me, point out mistakes or if something doesn't make sense.  I'm a terrible typist, there will be some.
    6. On that point, I love getting word of recipes you adapted from mine.  All I ask is that you credit the adaption back to my blog.  I'll make sure I share it.  I have a big head like that.
    7. I don't accept payment for you to publish your own posts.  People don't come to blogs to read boring advertisements of things I've never used.  I also don't pay people to write for me.  I appreciate people looking for work, but I don't even get paid to do this.
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