Life with Flynn

Flynn came to us at the turning of a chapter in our lives.  In a riotous year, full of bad news, broken hearts and hospitals, he was a bitey, stubborn ray of sunshine amongst all the grey.

Last year had it's truly dreadful moments - but having Flynn gave me three life lessons I needed:  Stop giving a monkeys about what people think, have a sense of humour in the face of difficult situations and to go out there and just have some bloody fun.

So I suppose I should make a list of the realities, of puppies before I gush about mine.

Puppies are:
  • 3am toilet trips, which they try to make into 3am playtime. 
  • lots and lots of biting, hair pulling and face lunging.  
  • spending an inordinate amount of time talking about, looking at and clearing up poo.  
  • in fact, poo bag & accessories end up everywhere, in every pocket.
  • lots of little wet patches that adorn your carpet and rugs.  
  • kitchen towel becomes your best friend & strongest ally.
  • a lack of sleep as pups learn to sleep through the night.  
  • stressful navigation of fear periods, when your pup suddenly decides to be frightened of random things like a gnome statue, someones spread out toes or a picnic table.
  • lots of puppy tantrums and attention seeking - using whatever they've learnt gets your undivided attention, good or bad. 
  • the puppy witching hour, usually in the evening when you are trying to settle, when they decide to become excitable, tornadoes of excitement and destruction.
  • out to make you look like a liar.  "Oh he knows sit"  -puppy refuses to sit-
  • not being able to walk 5 feet without being stopped by their adoring public.
  • dealing with people's constant, rubbish advice and judgements.
  • the reason you have holes in everything.  Your skin, your clothes, your rug, your furniture, your lawn... everything.
  • excitable.
  • a crippling, almost overwhelming sense of love when they comfort you for the first time.
  • constant problem solving as they discover a fun new 'game'
  • dog hair.  EVERYWHERE.  Cruella didn't need a bunch of puppies to make a coat, she just needed one of them , moulting for a week and she'd have been set.
  • adolescence.  Where they suddenly decide to ignore you, and become a trying hormone filled bugger.
  • machines of destruction.

So what about mine?

Flynn is happiest cuddled up to us, watching TV.  His favourite TV programme is planet earth, though he is partial to a bit of Doctor who.

During a panic attack last year, he bought me his favourite toy, tried to put it in my mouth (er.. thanks Flynn) and then let me fuss him until I calmed down.  He then stayed by my side all evening. 

When he was a puppy, he got in the habit of mouthing people hello, so we trained him to always pick something up to greet people with.  This has resulted in him bringing pants, his whole bed and once, even a bin lid as a present for guests.

Sometimes he will wake up, just to come and give you a kiss, before going back to bed and falling back asleep. 

He comes and sits with you whilst you're in the bath, resting his head on the side and eating any bubbles that pass him by.

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He loves being called a good boy.  He once wagged his tail so much he pulled it.

He stealthily steals any food, and most of his intelligence centers around getting it.  He once pushed one of my footstools slightly over to the kitchen counter and used it to reach the butter.

Teaching him new tricks and clicker training was a brilliant distraction whenever I was stressed or in the midst of a bad time.  I deeply regret teaching him to turn lights off though, scratch marks alll over the walls.

He howls at squeaky toys.  Like he's singing along.  It's the cutest thing.

If he see's a muddy puddle, he'll jump in it.  In fact, mud baths are the only type of bath he finds acceptable.  99% of the time he will roll in it too, especially if it's poo.  This usually results in us driving home with all the windows down, as he cheekily leans out the window.

He loves exploring.  Regularly coming with us on day-trips, pub gardens and coffee shop visits.  His tail never wags faster than when he sees we're somewhere new.

When he finally gets over the excitement of people coming to visit him, he's never happier than when he's giving them love.

He grew so exceptionally quickly that we barely had a chance to remember the tiny squidgy potato that we bought home.  Here he is inspecting the collar we bought him home in.

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He bunny hops when excited.  This brings us great joy.

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And finally...

He farts audibly, and no matter what, will turn to smell it. I even have video proof.

So that's our life with Flynn so far, and that's not even going into his boyfriends, love of humping at inappropriate times, obsession with peeing on corners or the hikes we've been on with him.

He's just the best, even on his most trying, difficult days.


  1. o gosh..Flynn is now a big handsome boy!!! I am simply in love with those photos of you and Flynn...full of life and happiness!

    1. Thanks Angie! He is definitely big and full of life - he's currently half asleep on my lap :-) Hope you're well!

  2. He's such an absolute babe! It's such a treat getting to know their personalities as they grow. My youngest is nearly 7 ( eeeck! ) - but I still learn about each of them every day. I need to get better at taking photos of us all together - what memories you have hear to look back on!

    Just re-read this..... Sound like I am talking about children..... 🤣

  3. What a lovely post to read, he's such a cutie!

  4. Flynn is a beautiful dog! The photos are so amazing and cute, warms my heart.. Pets are the best!


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