The Adventures of Flynn

1 x exciting facebook announcement
8 x weeks of facebook pupdate stalking
6 x weeks of waiting
7  x weeks of growing

Photo Credits - Elizabeth Sampson Dalstorm Dalmatians

1 x pile of puppies
3 x hours of heaven on earth
1 x puppy with a mustache
2 x stolen hearts

30 x quibbles over names
400 x vetoes
1 x winning name:  Flynn

Photo Credit - Elizabeth Sampson Dalstorm Dalmatians
1 x patch ear
4 x spotty paws
2 x big brown eyes
100s x little spots
2 x tiny balls
1 x excited little puppy
2 x excited new pup parents.

Photo credit - Elizabeth Sampson Dalstorm Dalmatians

1 x sad goodbye
1 x car ride to new home
1 x new clean blanket
1 x puppy throw up
1 x soiled blanket
1 x homecoming

3 x carpets stained
3 x rugs ruined
8 x bottles of anti-scent marker
3 x weeks of night time wees
2 x nights of crying

250 x gross things pulled out of puppy mouth
3 x pairs of slippers chewed
2 x shoe laces chewed
4 x pairs of pants stolen
2 x bins raided

3 x pairs of jeans ripped
2 x shirts claimed as bedding
50 x bags of treats
300 x hours of training
300 x utterly awful puppy farts

1 x first big walk in the woods
1 x clean kitchen floor
4 x muddy paws
1 x mopping husband
1 x pre-bath escaped puppy
1 x mopping husband

5 x weeks of socialisation
2 x weary arms from carrying ever growing puppy
4 x books on puppy training
3 x chewed books on puppy training
50 x puppy bite marks & bruises
3 x daily time outs
3 x daily make ups
30 x daily cuddles

1 x food bin contents stolen and eaten
1 x emergency vet visit
1 x sleepness night
1 x panic attack at the bill
1 x little prayer of thanks for insurance

6 x weeks of puppy classes
1 x puppy diploma & medal

6 x months of life together
3 x collars grown out of
2 x beds grown out of
4 x harnesses grown out of
2 x squished people from oversized lap dog

3 x ice creams stolen
20 x ice creams (secretly) shared
1 x bowl of strawberries & cream stolen
1 x cooling birthday cake nibbled
1 x cooling birthday cake stolen
1 x coffee cream birthday cake stolen
1/4 x coffee cream birthday cake eaten (including wrapper)
1 x poop explosion
1 x stairgate put in kitchen

101 x of the same jokes shouted at you in the street
6 x bashed chins from excited puppy jumping
400 x excited puppy greetings
1 x sudden storm
0 x umbrellas
2 x wet people
1 x excited puppy

28 x puppy teeth lost
5 x non destructible toys destroyed
5 x bully sticks buried in the sofa cushions
4 x sofa cushions washed
42 x adult teeth gained
5 x teething bones chewed

60 x mud baths
3 x rivers jumped into
50 x muddy paws

100s x adventures
100s x places visited
100000 x pictures taken

2 x people completely in love
1 x best friend for life.


  1. He's soooooo damn adorable, LOVE all the before and afters. He's gotten so big!

  2. Oh my days! Beautiful! Wish you all a lifetime of love and happy memories! x

  3. Hi Emma, I'm not really a 'dog' person although I'd never hurt one, but I have to admit to falling just a little bit in love with Flynn!! ;D

  4. Those photos are sweet, fun and hilarious...I am in love with Flynn. o my...those pinky paws...give Flynn a bear hug from me!
    Have a sweet (and hopefully sunny) weekend!

  5. Ahhhhh he's gorgeous and wow does he love the camera! Look at that big grinning face!

    I can't believe how fast he's grown!

  6. HOW CUTE to see him growwwwwwww before my very eyes!

  7. It's a good thing he's so cute! lol

  8. So cute no wonder you are both so in love :D


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