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When a box of goodies arrive from Caprera foods, I was under the impression that I would be making a recipe using the ingredients that were in the box.  Quite comically, what turned up was the following:

I had a good long think about what on earth I could make from these items, what individual creations I could conjure up from the depths of my recipe creation bank (totally a thing) that would somehow incorporate these three very different items into one recipe post.

Yeeeah, I just came up blank.

I tried mixing the ketchup and curd together for a marinade, but I will tell you now, that did not go well.  It did not create the sticky sweet glaze I had hoped for, but something that burnt easily, and was what I imagine skittles would taste like if they bought out a tomato flavour.  Blergh

The nests were, well, another disaster.  I had dreams that they would become a new "weird combination" that I could build a recipe from.  WRONG.   Lime, mint and cinnamon, in those forms do not gel well.  At all!  Curd on Meringue?  With two such contrasting flavours?!  I think you can guess that I thoroughly avoided adding ketchup to that, for obvious reasons.

I wasn't doing the site, or it's producers any favours at all.

I wracked my brains for ages, before it hit me.  I am just over complicating this.  What would people be using this site for?  Not to find ingredients to create weird Heston Blumenthal esque creations, but to find awesome unique producers and sample them.  To appreciate the individual producer and their products.  Just like I had when I was first shown the site.

So I did what anyone who had just spent a few hours creating awful, complicated foods would do.

I made it super simple.  No funny business.  No ketchup cupcakes this time.

I made some simple bacon sandwiches and plopped some sauce on them.  Best way to try out the sauce.  Use it how you would normally, and compare.  Well,  it was thick, not too sweet and easy to whack out of the bottle (the ketchup, not the sandwhich.)  Badaboom!  I've also used it in an casserole and it added a lovely thick richness to it.  I'm interested to try the Garlic one next.  Here's their full range here.

I used a suggestion on the side of the curd jar and whisked the curd into some cream.  Yes that's how I ate it.  No, I have no regrets.  It has such a sweet sharp tang to it, but ends with a really soft note.  I am apparently now, a curd connoisseur, but it was lovely.  I'm tempted to lob it into some whipped butter cream icing and top it onto some cupcakes.    I can't wait to try the Toffee Apple Curd, and the Passionfruit & Lemon curd.  Go on, take a gander at their range here.

As for the cinnamon nest, I made a cup of tea and munched on down on it with that.  The flavour wasn't my favourite if I'm honest, I love a massive hit of cinnamon when it comes to it, and it just didn't bode well with me, but I love the name of the company and the ideas. (Oomeringue!)

So where did all this come from?  The folks over at Caprera.

According to their site, Caprera foods is an artisan food marketplace.  It's easy to navigate, and find what you are after.  It's not overcrowded with information, nor is it bland and boring.  It's like walking into a little food market, of individual stalls, finding the story of each producer, but with the ease of receiving them all in the same delivery.

I liked that there is even a section of the site to meet them all and hear their stories.  [Link here if you're interested]

I've found them easy to use, and even used them to purchase Christmas presents for foodie friends.  The producers on the website are all brilliant, I've yet to find a dodgy one.

They also run a magazine, containing interviews with their producers, articles & product highlights.  Link here.

It's honestly a company that I feel pretty good in recommending to like-minded food lovers.  It's a good place to connect online.  Read their story here: About Caprera

All in all, it's simple. Just like this post ended up being.  Or in Caprera's own words...

"Order directly from several artisans and receive one unique package full of goodies.
Make your order even more personal offering it as a gift including your own words.
Our producers can focus on what they do best: their products and not single deliveries."

Disclaimer: Caprera sent me a box of goodies, but haven't paid me for my opinion or my time.  All words, pictures, notes & all that jazz are mine.  I have not been paid any money to write this post.


  1. Those meringues look great, but I love that sandwich even more!

  2. Thanks for the review and recommendation! Sounds really great ♥

  3. Lol the thought of mixing all three together is just plain weird :D but I have to admit that curd sounded lovely!

  4. That bacon roll looks EPIC! I would like one of those now. & if you ever make those cupcakes topped with buttercream/curd remember I am totally your friend and I live quite close...! I'll even drive to get it! Heading over to their website now for a nosey.


  5. Me again... Erm Emma these folk do a blackcurrant & star anise curd... OMG that sounds heavenly! They sell lots of different stuff from lots of little producers, it's great. I felt a bit jaded over this stuff as you see the same producers in all the farm shops now - that isn't the point of it, is it?!! I am ranting again I'll go..... x


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