We were on a break.

Me and the blog.  We ended up taking a break.

After months of opening up a blank screen, watching the little line thingy flash a few times before closing it down I decided that if I had nothing to say, I wouldn't write at all.  After all the sun was shining, and I had places to travel.  I would pick it up when I had something to say.

Then the proverbial shit, hit the proverbial fan.

Kris contracted salmonella, not just any kind of salmonella either, the typhoid symptom kind.

Now, I'd just like to state, that as primarily a food blog, I did not give my husband salmonella, but he gave it to himself by cooking nothing but sausages, whilst I was out of action with a B-12 deficiency problem.  (Pro-tip, if you cut out meat and dairy for a length of time, please use supplements!)

Yes, that's right.  Just sausages.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Sausages.  For quite a few days.

And some of those sausages were obviously a bit dodgy.  And he shared that delight with Genna.

Whilst Kris and Genna suffered with Salmonella (and it's horrible messy symptoms) two of our ratties passed away within 6 days of each other.  That sounds bad, let me just state that they did not have any of the sausages.

They were both quite elderly for rats but it is still horrible to say goodbye to any furry family members.  Especially when your human family members are in the hospital and you have a poorly pooch.

Rip little ratties :(  I do miss the cuddles.

So as it were, blogging on top of life's challenges, seemed like a chore I wasn't in the mood for.  The blog got pushed further and further down the food chain of responsibility, behind "Make the house smell less like dog poo"

It's a few months later, and we are no longer a salmonella household, and our remaining furry family members are on the up.  So let's get to the good stuff, because it's not all doom and gloom.  In between the ratty funerals, hospital visits and the rest of life's bullpants, there has been more good stuff than not.  Since we last caught up, all this has gone down.

I made a birthday cake

Glitter exploded onto it and I made it the day before a holiday, but I feel it was a success.  It was for a very excited 6 year old who loves bugs and flowers.

We went to Rome during a heatwave (Post coming soon)
So good.  SO GOOD.  I feel it's going to take a few parts to get it all across.  I am desperately Romesick.

We had afternoon tea in a castle

It felt like Hogwarts.  But smaller, and in the Midlands.  I got to eat a lot of husbands share too because of his recovering salmonella belly.  So there's always a plus to these things.

My brother got older (and we spent his birthday getting pies in the face)

I got older


My other 'little' brother turned 21

Even though this is not possible because it felt like yesterday that he was running around in Thomas the tank engine pants or sporting a cute little mini Gareth Gates Fringe.  CUE CUTE GARETH GATE FRINGE PICTURE

I am probably going to pay for putting that there.

I found these old pictures of our dog Logan

Yes this deserved it's own new bulletin.  LOOK AT THEM.

I met with lovely vegan blogger Ellie

I found this bargain of a book in a antique shop.

I made this birthday cake for my Auntie Bee (post to come)

There have been weddings
And lots and lots of recipe creations

Yep.  No more flapping about.


  1. Loving this update Emma! So glad your house is salmonella free too, is he abstaining from sausages now? ;) By the way your cakes are so amazing, so clever x

  2. Lots of celebrations in the summer days, huh? I love the cake you made for your aunt. So beautiful! And such a precious shot of you and your mom enjoying ice cream.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  3. I'm super glad you're back and I am sooooo glad things are getting better! Sometimes you just need some time off. Can't wait to see another #TFIF PLEASSSSSSEEEEE!!

  4. Glad you're back and everyone is well! Looking forward to the upcoming posts (nice cakes, btw!). And tea...in a castle? Yes, please.

  5. Glad to hear things are on the up again after your rough patch. That afternoon tea looks insanely good!

  6. Wow bit of a tough time but its great that things seem to be on the up and up :D I too went to Rome when there was a heat wave going on. It was funny all the locals kept saying "its not normally so hot this time of year" it was over 100 in the shade! Totally worth it though what an amazing place. Those cake you made are amazing, I never really have the patience to do all that fancy fondant work kudos to you!

  7. So sorry to hear about your ratties :( what a crappy time. So glad to hear things are getting brighter for you guys! I still love that bee and lady bug cake, so sweet.


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