Why did I vote? The voting dilemma.


This morning, my social network feed was a flurry of arguments and people proudly proclaiming they've never voted, some who mocked those who had and there was some pretty vile stuff.  It's getting ugly.

Everyone has their own opinion, I've never tried to change any of my friends minds on the subject because they are doing what they think is best for them.  By trying to change their minds, I'm saying I know better than them and I don't.

But by mocking my decision to vote, you are telling me it doesn't matter that people I love are starving, struggling to survive or are battling unfair policies.  You are mocking my decision to want to change that on a larger scale.

And that's what I don't understand.

If everyone had the same mindset of not voting, the UK would look a lot different than it does now.

If you have no inclination to vote, I guess can understand why.  The political system is confusing, the big players talk down to us and talk mainly of budgets, empty promises (that all sound like variations of the same thing) and big talk of the 'economy' and 'austerity'.  These things aren't a part of our every day conversations.  They feel so far away from us and our ordinary lives.  We wonder how could voting possibly make any difference for us?  Do we really feel the difference when the parties change?

I didn't vote because the parties promised me things.  I didn't vote just because someone died for me to do so, although I am forever grateful that they did.  I didn't vote because one leader looked more charismatic than the other.  I didn't vote out of fear of immigration, or because a newspaper told me what to think.

I voted because I'm angry.  

I'm angry because people surrounded by gold chairs and fat expense accounts tell us that we're the problem.  That the poor living off benefits, and immigrants are the entire problem when they use our tax money to pay for expensive lunchesextra houses and fucking duck ponds.

All whilst making cuts to lifesaving cancer wards, education and other basic human rights.

Before I receive the hate, I don't think being an MP is an easy job.  But I'm still angry, because everyday, I see the problems caused by the policies & laws that people say don't affect them.

I'm angry because good people, friends of mine, who have always worked hard and paid their taxes, can barely afford to eat.  These people are kind, giving people, some who have lost their homes and jobs.  Not because they are lazy, or not trying hard enough, but because the system has failed them.

I'm angry because the main piece of advice from brokers I got when saving for a house deposit was "ask your parents for the money."  We are paying the price for the banks mistakes.

I'm angry because 1 in 5 families are living below the poverty line, the call for food bank donations are every week when it used to be every month.  I'm angry because the people that need this help are branded lazy when they are just hungry.

I'm angry because when relatives of mine were sick at the beginning of the year, they were lying in agony in a hospital hallway for a day.  Not because 'immigrants are taking up all the space' but because of the slow selling off, privatisation and the cuts to OUR NHS.

I'm angry because the trains are crap and expensive.  When I researched why I found out that was privatised as well.

I'm angry because there were such hard working nurses and doctors, doing everything they could to help my family.  Every single one I've met this year was a miracle worker.  Cheerful, helpful, and worth 10 times more than the wage they were being given.  They were taking the brunt of the anger.

I'm angry because small businesses, like the one I work for, struggle under the current laws.  More independent businesses closed in this past five years than I dare to even count.  We can't pay fancy expensive accountants to make our tax bill magically shrink.  We're drowning in a sea of unfair policies.

I'm angry because elderly friends of mine are living off canned foods and rationing their electricity and heating.  How is that fair?

I'm angry because even though I am comfortable in life, and I have a house and a job, one day I might not, and I'd hope that my country would want to help me, not berate me more if that were to happen.

Everyone has their own reasons for voting, just like everyone has their own reasons for not voting.

No, there is no perfect party, and things need to change, but how do you think we voice that to the powers that be?  How do we know if your vote actually makes a difference?

Because do you think an MP will turn down a position because only a small amount of people in his constituency voted them in?  Turning up to vote means every voice gets a say and you strengthen those small voices that want a change.  That is how you make a difference.

That is how it affects me.

And that, is why I voted.


  1. That gave me chills. I've never felt like someone respected my decision not to vote whilst telling me WHY I should. You have given me some serious cause for thought.

  2. Hear hear - I heart this blog a lot and if I had the way with words like you do - this is exactly what I would have written! Kate Xx

  3. Id like to stay anonymous

    I came on here to have at go at you for shoving your opinion down peoples throats when that's all I've had all month but instead i ended up reading the whole thing and feeling angry for you instead of at you. If that's how more people voted instead of thinking of themselves then I might not hate it all so much.

  4. You are so amazing with words and express yourself to the point...I should get my husband to read this because he doesn't go to vote.
    Have a great weekend, Emma!

  5. Here here sister! I agree with you whole heartedly, I am a civil servant and the things I see and hear are enough to turn your hair grey! The cuts have been frightening to civil and defence budgets. To try and balance it out our pensions have been cut into virtual non existence because of the mess of the banks. It's not my fault they went belly up yet I am going to have to work harder, for longer for a lot less at the end. It is unfair but I feel I have to vote to have a say in this and other issues. To me non voters don't really have a right to complain because they never made the effort to be heard in the first place...... and rant over ;)


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