Short and in need of a boost

As the year opens out, I'm finally fulfilling my lifelong wish to travel.  After years of saving for grown up things like a house, a wedding and a bathroom (16 year old me would hate me), we are ready to go.

But it's my first time.  The getaway to Disneyland Paris, whilst fun, really doesn't count and apart from lots of trips around the country and my very food-centered honeymoon in Edinburgh, we're not traveled.  I can't say I've explored what I want to explore.  So this is all new.

So I'm documenting everything.  This week, it was all about the preparation.  Guide books, research, blog reading and insurance comparing.  Thrilling I know.  So, this week, it was less about being hungry and addicted to tea, and all about the shortness.  This gif just about sums up my life as a shortarse....

Pats on the head?  Check.  Tip toes?  Check.  Shirts as dresses?  Check.

I say my height doesn't effect my life in a negative way, and it doesn't, not really.  Here's a list of how my height can affect my holidays:

1 - I can never find a maxi dress that isn't a foot too long.
2 - I have to tip toe to see over the airport check in desks, in fact, there's a lot of tip-toeing.  My calves are intensely more powerful than yours.
3-  My collection of steps and stools aren't travel friendly.  Which means a lot of jumping, parkour on kitchen work tops and climbing to highest view points.

And that's about it for holiday related short people problems.  My life is not drastically altered by being five foot 1, my holiday photos are just a little lower down than yours.


The final thing I had to do last week was renew my passport.  Mine didn't' match my new travel documents and it was holding up bookings and all sorts.

Well, to renew, you need new pictures.  Something I was quite looking forward too because in my last set, I had very distinguished style.

The joys of getting your first adult passport at 18 is that your questionable style choices, and make up woes are there for everyone to enjoy for the next 10 years.

Lucky for me I'm changing mine early, thanks to marriage.

Everyone suggested I go and get my passport photos done in an actual shop, using this 'special service' that promises to get your photos right for the passport office.  They have a little set up, in full open view of the shop.

I wanted to use a booth.  I'm old fashioned and I like to veto if I look too crap, but people persisted that this was the better choice.

So I walked in, on a busy Saturday afternoon, got in line and waited.  Once I arrived at the front, the woman looked me up and down, paused, and then went to get a child's booster seat.  Let that sink in, okay.


The short people jokes already come in thick and fast without active encouragement.

But my Englishness froze me to the spot.  I'd already initiated this woman in the process of doing my photos.   I was in a line and everything.  

I had two choices.  I, a 25 year old adult, could literally hop onto a throne of embarrassment and let a room of 30 people watch this happen.

Or I make a stupid excuse and leave.

I went with the latter.  I get the car booster seat joke about 50 times a day.  I can only imagine the mirth of anyone who knows me, walking past that shop window only to see me, legs dangling about a foot off the floor, sitting on a booster seat my ass was too big for.  I would never live it down.

Three days later, I sat at the post office, with my form and my new slightly manic looking passport photos. (I got them done in a booth in the end.  One with a beautiful adjustable stool.)  I hand it all over, along with a butt-load of money and the rest of my sanity and there we have it....

The last hurdle in my travel planning.

When my shiny new passport plops onto my doormat my less than 5 days later, I take it as a sign, that even though it puts me out of my comfort zone, and can be difficult at times, I am so ready for this.


If anyone has any great travel blogs, sites or guidebooks, please post them below or email them to me, research makes me happy.


  1. Happy travels! Can't wait to hear about your adventures.

  2. I LOVE that first gif - totally me too I'm afraid. Though I'm 5ft2, I think! But I kinda like it - and stopped obsessively wearing heels at 21 Lols

    Also - travel to Ireland. DO IT!

    1. I am totally up for Ireland! If you show me around of course :)

  3. Hahaha cannot get over this booster seat situation, it kills me! (As does that gif) But I'm a 5"2 tall 25 year old - so I really feel your pain. I also have a 12 year old's face so that doesn't help anything. Maybe you should travel to Japan, you'd be average height! Anyway, I really hope you've had a great time on your travels. Like you, it's not been something I've done much of before but I'd like to make it a priority in the near future. x

    1. I'm just under five foot 2 (though every centimeter helps right?) At least I'd enjoy the tea over in Japan! Hope you get to travel soon too :) x

  4. I don't have any travel advice but I sympathise on the short-arsery. I'm 5 foot, and when my fiance bought his latest car I got in it, all excited, and then realised I couldn't see over the dashboard! I tried to make the best of it but it made me really travel sick... so he bought me a booster seat. YES. It has to be brought out and fitted whenever we go on longer journeys as if he has a small child in tow. Also recent small person embarrassing moments include being unable to fit my face in the eye test machine at Specsavers (had to 'hover' above their stool in order to reach it, even at full stool height) and being told by the dentist to consider a child's toothbrush due to the abnormally small size of my mouth. Enjoy the travel planning!

    1. I had to do that on the eye test machine as well! Made me laugh! I'm so glad someone else understands the travel sickness! I get that in my dads truck. Also, do you find it hard to get rings to fit on your fingers?! I have normal sized feet though, which sucks. #ClownFeet

  5. As always your post boosted my mood :) seriously though I'm with you, I'd much rather sit in a booth on my own with the curtain closed! I'm glad your plans are coming together. Happy Easter Emma x

    1. Cheers and Happy easter! I'm super excited about it all :) What I love about the booth most of all, is you get to veto! My Auntie went and got hers done at the same place and she said they came out like grumpy cat! She went back and said she'd lost them so she could have them done again! x

  6. Oh you'll have so much fun. I have been lucky to travel a lot and in a strange way I actually love the planning more than anything else. I love a good lonely planet or rough guide book!

    1. That's so cool, love to hear more about your travels! I think I have an addiction to the lonely planet ones, they're just so handy!

  7. I feel your short person pain! I had my photos done in a shop recently for my provisional, and even though there were no height issues, its still super awkward. A booth is loads better. I can't wait to read about your travels :) x

    1. Thanks Hannah! Glad it's not just me, the whole situation made me feel awkward and weird! :) x

  8. Very excited for your travels, I have never been to another country besides Canada- BORING! But I want to go to the most unboring place for my first trip outside the country- the forbidden CUBA! LOL!


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