Films to watch when you're sick


Early, on Monday morning I was casually perusing some blogs when my stomach started to turn.  I shook it off, and went back to reading, but it kept dancing around, feeling off.  I had to go home to let a workman in, and it was then, that I started to feel pretty weird.

I'll cut a really long story short and tell you that the weird feeling turned into a fever, sickness and um, other nasty things and the last 5 days have been pretty horrible.  BOO.

So what do you do when you can't think about food, or eat it?

Go fricken mad. That's right, I watch films.  Weird, happy, colourful and downright awesome films.

So I decided, in honor of the sickness bug I have probably given to everyone.  Here are my favourite sick bed films.  No hard hitting documentaries, no depressing satires of our world.  I want to feel encased and happy like a child, thank you very much.  Just pure "Feel better soon" serum directed directly into your brain.

Here's a wee selection:

The Princess Bride

Here's why it's a good sickbed watch.
+  The film opens out on a bored kid in his sickbed.  HELLO, I CAN RELATE TO THAT.
+  Young Cary Elwes and his floppy mane, come rescue me from this sicky hell.
+  You know what, this is just the best cast ever


Here's why it's a good sickbed watch.
+   It's sunny and colourful.  Everything you are not feeling right now.
+   90's fashion & music.  Yes.  Yes to it all.
+   As if!   So many things to quote to clueless husband later.


Here's why it's a good sickbed watch.
+  The music.  It will uplift you and junk
+  In my opinion, more people should wear tunics.  I like a bit of knee.  These are my sickbed thoughts.
+  I'm gonna have to point out the music again.  Zero to hero!

When Harry met Sally

Here's why it's a good sickbed watch.
+  Well, for starters it's a classic.  Yes it is.
+  My god, we're on an emotional roller-coaster ride with just Billy Crystal's jumper selection.
+  This is making me feel like I have friends in the room with me.  Not just my sickbowl and a pillow.
+  The chemistry.  People talk about chemistry but in this, it's totally real.

1995 Pride and Prejudice series

Here's why it's a good sickbed watch
+  The height of drama is a woman living with a man without being married.  So you won't exhaust yourself going "BUT THAT'S NOT FAIR."
+  Colin firth, constantly looking out of windows & leaning on fireplaces.  Seriously, make a game out of it.
+  This is six hours long.  Perfect way to while away a dull day in bed.
+  Everyone is awesome in it.  And the costumes are vaguely similar to the duvet you are wrapped in.  Feel free to imagine you are Elizabeth Bennett swanning around the countryside.

Bridget Jones's Diary

Here's why it's a good sickbed watch
+  You know that chemistry thing?  It's here as well.
+  You have ups, you have downs.  But you got the laughs too.
+  She is wrapped in a duvet.  You are wrapped in a duvet.  Her hair is mostly a nest, your hair is mostly a nest.  She is your sickbed spiritual sister.  Or some crap like that.  I'm not even sure anymore.  I'm a little feverish obviously.

13 going on 30

Here's why it's a good sickbed watch
+  I will not apologise for this one.  It is the ultimate feel good chickish flick.
+  Two words:  Mark Ruffalo is my favourite.  I can't count when I'm sick.
+  Those two sort of sounded like a poem.
+  Thriller!
+  This is the film equivalent of bubble gum.

Legally blonde

Here's why it's a good sickbed watch
+  These films are getting more and more pink.  Pink is my sick colour,
+  Reese Witherspoon is a babe.  When I'm better, I'm going to be more like Elle.
+  This is also my second sickbed film where someone dresses up in a bunny outfit.  So that's totally my thing now.
+  Oh yeah, the film.  C'mon.  It's so good.
+  It's like a feverish dream of pink and dogs and shizz.

The Rocker

Here's why it's a good sickbed watch
+  This film should be more popular.  It has an awesome selection of music.
+  Emma stone!  As a moody alternative rock chick? Hell yeah!
+  You know what?  This is just another fine cast of banging actors.
+  That guy just put sick in his pocket.  Sick on your clothes is something I need to feel normal about right now.

There are SO many more.  So many, but these are just the ones that came to mind.  So what's your sickbed watch?


  1. Sorry to hear you've been under the weather! My wife's new favorite "sick day" movie is About Time. I tend to play more video games when I'm sick than watch movies, but as a kid I wore out my A Goofy Movie video tape.

    I still most of the words to the songs...

  2. Sorry you've been feeling crap. You've got some great easy to watch films there. I'd go for Harry Potter (especially the first one), The Devil Wears Prada, Pretty Woman, Dirty Dancing & The Proposal.

  3. I hope you are feeling better soon Emma. Awesome sick bed film collection, it depends on my mood as to what I watch Star Wars (the originals only) are my ultimate comfort films but I do love a good chick flick if I am feeling a bit off colour :D

  4. Im not sick today - but I am meant to be packing, and thats kinda the same thing. Because I am all kinds of useless at packing, it makes me nervous....

    So I am marathon watchin Suits instead. And its working well. Apart from when I start shouting at the bad bad lawyer types..... Once upon a time is also top watching for such occasions. I think youd love it!

    Movie wise Im a disney girl - The Fox and the Hound is way up there. That and Bedknobs and Broomsticks.


  5. The Princess Bride is my most favouritist
    hope you feel better!


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