Food Photography blunders 4

Here we are again.  I'll start off by saying there are 3 previous installments of this:

Food photography blunders 1
Food photography blunders 2
Food photography blunders 3

God.  There are so many of these things, I can actually start doing themed editions.

On that note:

WELCOME TO THE:  Food photography blunders 4: "That literally looks like poo" edition.


So we're back a few years when "any surface will do" when it came to food photography.  This was my first attempt at low fat chocolate moouse, a mistake (or a moussetake if you will) I will never make again.  Not only did this picture come out as well as sticking my phone down a used toilet, but it tasted about as good as well.

I still put this on my blog when I first started it up.  So there's that.


I just love these cookies.  Go one, scroll back up, and have another look.  I'll wait.  It's just so good. You can give each one a little personality and back-story.  For instance, the giant guy straddling a lumpy headless dinosaur.  I imagine he would name his dinosaur Stanley.  Don't blame me, Stan's head got eaten fell off before the picture was taken.

For the rest of the cookies though, I appear to have baked the source of all children's nightmares.

Sweet dreams kid.


Well, you're making truffles, and you've decided to step-by-step the process.  What looks better than rolling that dark lumpy dough around, in what looks like, a mixture of sand and tiny bits of toilet paper.

Yep, that looks tasty.  Doesn't resemble used cat litter at all.  GOOD JOB EM.


You may not be thinking these look to bad.  Maybe you do.  The main thing is I took these to a party.  The main feedback I got on them?

"Oh yeah, they're a little dry.  And they make me think of assholes."

Great.  Wasn't my first thought, but thanks.  Maybe I'll call them Doughbutts.

Doughbutts.  Yes.


So you're halfway through eating your pudding and you think "ooh I just started a blog, better take a picture of this"  So you stop, and take 20 identical blurry pictures, edit 4, crop them, place your logo over the half eaten part and say to yourself "That is good.  That is really good.  I'm posting this"

Welcome to Fork & Good, folks.


Nothing says "good enough for the blog" like a thumb in the way and a battery just randomly in shot.  If you think this was a one off, you'd be wrong, there were 16 versions of this, and this was literally the best one I could use.  But it's cool though, cause you know, sprinkles and shit.  Oh that icing?  Was light brown.  Why it appears pink I have no idea.  Magic, I guess.


  1. *Dies laughing* Thanks for that Emma - a little light in my Friday! I dont think I can bring myself to look back in my archives for photos. Or in my last post for that matter lols

    1. haha, Glad I could help!

      Oh it seriously can't be much worse than the cat poo one on here, I say go for it! :P

  2. I don't like to use LOL because it is rarely true. But, I always LOL at these posts. Kudos. You win again!

  3. The doughnut arseholes are definitely my favourite :) These are amazing, pure blogging gold!

    Chloe x

  4. What? Bitches DO love dinosaurs. I don't see the problem. :-)

  5. So funny. You've made my Friday.

  6. We have all been their and done it it's always cringe worthy to go back and look at old posts!

  7. I love those Doughbutts, Emma. Your tfif always makes me laugh.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. I love this and it's because it is just soooo soooo real and hilarious! I love the dough-butts. Plus the way you captioned your cookies- priceless!

    I am entertained- completely. But also oddly hungry.

  9. Doughbutts!!!! Brilliant.

  10. Thank you for making me giggle a lot, I love these posts.

  11. LOVE your blunder posts!!!

  12. This was hilarious! We've all been there...

  13. HA!! these posts are my favorite, you're hilarious!

  14. I love these posts. They make me laugh so much and feel so much better about any of my baking disasters/early blog posts, knowing we've all been there. Did you find a successful low fat mousse? Everytime I've tried a low fat dessert recipe, from books or other blogs its always been a disaster for me! x

  15. They're all very funny, but I really cracked up over the thumb and the battery. I've been blogging for 6 years and the first month I posted without a photo at all ... because it didn't turn out well. And then some of the photos that follow are "ohmy" terrible. I can't imagine how bad the photo was that didn't get published. :)

  16. Love this! :) I've got photos equally as bad as this but I can't bring myself to look at them haha . I love your cookies! They're so cute!! It must have taken you ages to shape them out individually like that!

    And your doughnuts actually look really yummy- just don't tell anyone about the comments and you'll be fine haha

  17. This is funny! This cookie photos and captions are hilarious! I think we all have a bunch of photos like these.... :-)


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