Big up the small businesses: Mello Mallo

Let's not skate around the obvious thing here.  Being a blogger means you get offered free stuff.  Usually by big brands.  You write your review, people read it and either buy it or disregard your opinion because you got free stuff, and everyone loves free stuff.

I had a bad experience where someone tried to change my 'tone', another wanted me to remove something because it didn't fit with 'their brand' and it's ridiculous.  I didn't start this blog to become a advertiser bought off with tea and frying pans.  This is my blog.  It's where I was supposed to share things I'm passionate about.

I want to open up my own little cafe, full of homemade treats, or stuff made by other small businesses.  I want to build a nice little community where I know my customers by name and their orders by heart.  My biggest dream is to be a small business owner.

So why the hell aren't I supporting others who have taken the leap and already done it?!

Small, independent businesses are awesome.  Their isn't anything small about their commitment. They spend their days creating, inventing and putting their heart into what they sell.  I love that.  Why?  Because these people live and breathe what they do.

You will usually find:

a)  They are passionate about what they do
b)  They are amazingly skilled at what they do.
c)  They are lovely.

So, without much more an introduction, I'd like to introduce to you all to Mello Mallo.  Laura ticks all three of these boxes, and I'm going to spend this post telling you why I think her shop is awesome and why giving her money in exchange for her treats will be the best decision you can make in the next 10 minutes.

and yes, you can bet that all these opinions are mine.  Sigh.  I haven't been paid to write this review.

So why do I love Mello Mallo?

To start with, I can appreciate how difficult creating the perfect marshmallow can be.  I've tried many different recipes, and only a few turned out okay.

Laura creates magic fluffy pillows of happiness.  Ugh.  Hold on.  That did not sound like me at all.  All this pink is turning me into a overly positive Disney sidekick.

The moment I placed my first Mello Mallo treat on my mouth, this was my reaction:

Replace the unicorn with a marshmallow and that could almost be a picture of the exact moment.

From the beautifully decorated raspberry and white chocolate hearts, to her moreish mint chocolate marshmallows, each hand made and hand cut marshmallow that I tasted,  was spot on.  They were almost bubbly, like how a certain brand of bubbly chocolate feels as it melts in your mouth.

Apparently being a badass at Marshmallow creation wasn't enough because she also creates chocolates.

Chocolate diamonds, to be exact.

I opened my bag the day before I was due to take some pictures.  Which is why I only had about 8 left to take pictures with.  Oops.  You know what they say, Diamonds are a girls best friend, Chocolate Diamonds will probably make her happier.

I offered Kris one.  A small one.  Even that was quite hard.

They were by far, my favourite thing I tried from this delivery.  Come pay-day, I shall be ordering myself some more of these.

photo by Mello Mallo

The Raspberry and pistachio Belgian White Chocolate Hearts were well appreciated by family members.  I shared these out amongst people as I'd already eaten pretty much everything else myself and was feeling a little guilty.

The mint chocolate chip marshmallows also tasted amazing on top of my evening hot chocolate.  A perfect combination.

Laura is passionate about what she does and that shows in what comes out of her kitchen.  I could kiss ass until the cows come home, but instead I'll end this post with the magician herself.

A few questions with Mello Mallo:

photo by Mello mallo

How do you come up with new flavour ideas?
I come up with new flavour ideas all the time but only a few make it through to the end. I am inspired by existing foods, so for example the way a chocolate bar is made up, I think about doing that in marshmallow form (I'm thinking along the lines of a twix for example - shortbread base, caramel layer, marshmallow then chocolate). I love citrus so am hoping a lemon flavoured mallow makes a comeback soon. On the more regimented side of things I have a great book called the Flavour Thesaurus which is a quick check for flavour pairings and can get me started on a recipe path.

photo by Mello mallo

What do you love about making marshmallows?
I love that marshmallows are so versatile when it comes to flavour, and that you don't need to use any artificial flavours because they work so well with fruits etc. I also love the feel of a freshly-made and cut mallow - it's soft and silky and would make the best (if not a bit sticky) pillow

photo by Mello mallo

What’s your favourite thing you sell?
I think my favourite thing I sell is the chocolate flavour marshmallow. So many people say to me they've never had a chocolate marshmallow, and that it's a strange concept to them. They then taste it and are so surprised with the intensity of the chocolate flavour. Definitely worth a try!

photo by Mello mallo

So big up a small business and check out her shop here.  She definitely has a fan in me.  If you hadn't guessed from this love letter to marshmallows I just wrote.

Can you tell I like Marshmallows?  I tried to make it subtle. ;)


  1. Not really a huge fan of sugary treats, but I would have a hard time to turn down those pretty mello mallo. I always love your honest reviews, Emma.

  2. Yum, all this stuff looks so good. I too have never had a chocolate marshmallow and now I really want to!

  3. Have been lusting after these ever since I saw them on your instagram feed - and today is pay day ;)

  4. Oh, I want one of those hearts and a dozen of the diamonds!

  5. These look amazing! I'm determined to teach myself how to make perfect marshmallows this year but ordering from here looks a lot easier and tastier! :)

  6. Chocolate marshmallows???? I seriously have to try some of them. Chocolate marshmallows in hot chocolate...... seriously I am sold!

  7. What a wonderfully written post, Emma! The perfect introduction for these delicious-looking treats :-)


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