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I haven't had a very good week.  It was one of those weeks where everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong.  I'm not even exaggerating, every problem you could think of happened, and so I sit here on  a Friday, (naturally after receiving some bad news, because this is the week from hell) a little bit dazed and massively in need of a hug.  What's a girl to do?

When I was a teenager, I found a poster that said "When life hands you lemons, stuff them in your bra."

That little poster made me laugh, and I kept a copy of it on my school notepad, in my diary, on my wall and even tried to get my dad to agree to putting one in the living room. (He didn't. I got sulky and I vaguely remember telling him to stuff a lemon up his arse.   I was a lovely teenager.)

The main this is that every time something horrible happened, I'd imagine screwing it up into a ball and stuffing it down my top and no matter what, it would make me laugh.  This is probably why I've been blessed with a rack that utterly obliterates any blouse buttons.  PING.  Years of stuffing metaphorical lemons down there has it's perks. Amiright ladies?!

The main thing I aim to put across from this story, apart from going massively off subject (hehe boobies) is that we all have our own ways of dealing with tough times.  I no longer have my lemon-bra poster, but the message is still ingrained into myself.  I must always handle bad times, with a good sense of humour and food.

I know I can't be the only one, in fact I KNOW I'm not because a lot of the people I love and care for are with me, by my side, rightfully complaining about the hand they've been dealt recently along with me.

Which is why today, I've scrapped the post I was going to write, and instead I'm writing a list of all the stuff that cheers me up.  I'm dedicating it to all of you out there who have had a rough time of it.  Hope it cheers your day a little too.

Picture the scene if you will.  I've had a seriously bad day at work.  I get home, slip into something comfortable, put on a little mood music, have a drinky poo and cook myself a meal.

Did you picture a nice little sexy number, some jazz and me sipping wine as I bopped around my kitchen.

If so, thank you for picturing me as a sophisticated adult.  But you are incredibly mistaken.

SOMETHING COMFORTABLE: This is my first tip to cheer yourself up: Have fun pajamas.  Mine have toast & eggs on them.  Eggs with smiley faces and toasts with mustaches.

MOOD MUSIC: Epic film soundtracks.  I'm talking Pirates of the Caribbean, Inception, Batman Begins. I'm talking epic strings, booming drums and big BWAHHHH's.

DRINK:  Chocolate Milkshake.  For the win!

Don't tell me you don't feel amazing after mashing potatoes to this?

 Extra points if you karate kick your way to the fridge or gambol over to the oven. Even more points for not setting yourself on fire.  If you can fit a cool pun filled - catch phrase in there, I'll be your best friend.

Nothing beats a good old fashioned STD Day, hang on, jesus, is that what the abbreviation of this is?  Man I didn't think this through at all.  Yikes.  Let's think of a different name for it.  As I'm lacking all creativity today, let's call it SD DAY.

I like to think of myself as a fairly healthy person, I juice, I cook from scratch and I actually own work out clothes now.  But some days, I want cheesecake.  I want cheesecake even though it makes me gassy as hell.  I want a hot chocolate.  I want wedges for dinner.  I don't want to clean out my juicer.

So I don't.

I don't exactly go all out and order a takeaway, but I'll make myself a dinner that would make a crossfitter have an actual cross fit.  I'll have a beer.  I'll have CAKE.  I block out all the stuff I read about sugar levels, carb intake, and revel in my bloated, happy stomach.

Here's some good SD day recipes:

Toad in the Hole
Diner Style Potato Wedges
European Style Hot Chocolate - Sweet 2 eat Baking
Mini Oreo Donut Recipe - Mess Makes Food
Banana Crepes - The Noble Foodie
Blackberry Jam & Custard Doughnuts - The Sugar Hit

Add your SD day recipes in the comments!

 Puns rule the internet.  I love puns more than iced buns.  And I love iced buns.  There is a song in there somewhere.  Thank you internet, you weird and wonderful bastards, for creating them.  Google puns and float off into a land of pun-tastic mayhem.


Reading that back, it sounds a little like snuff film, so I'm not having much luck with this titles today.  When I'm feeling blue, I leave out long, attention keeping films and instead I bring out the fluff.  I'm not talking about boring brain dead films,  I'm talking The House Bunny, Easy A, Legally Blonde and the likes.  All that shit you're supposed to be embarrassed for liking.  Disney's and cartoons are also a big win.

Sometimes, when life doesn't go your way, it's good to watch it all work out, for something to be predictable and happy.  Watch your fluff with pride!

I sing all the time, which is fantastic because I can't sing a note.  Which is even more fantastic when you hear that one of my best friends is a vocal coach and she is subjected to my singing on a regular basis.  Why don't I care?  Because singing out loud is the tits.  I make up songs about my dinner, I will serenade my animals (shut up, they love it) and best of all I have sing offs with my best bud Phil.
  Me, Phil and my husband have been known to break out into harmonies that would astound you.  Once whilst walking the dog we all broke out into an epic rendition of Stayin' Alive by the Bee Gees.  I have never felt so brilliant.  We will even text each other Lyrics, usually when I'm feeling blue.  Best thing about this whole situation is Phil's wife is my vocal coach friend.


I'm not talking about going to the zoo and forcing a hug on a monkey or anything.  Though how cool would it be to hug a monkey?  If you have an animal, go give them a cuddle.  Pictured above is a really old picture of me and my families dog Logan.  He loves a good cuddle.  When I'm blue, I get to have a hug with 2 dogs and five ratties, and all of them love having a bit of fuss.  Here's some pictures of my furry family giving me some hugs.


 If you don't have a pet, borrow one!  Go visit a friend with a furry, or if all else fails, use a teddy bear.  I won't judge.  Gen won't either...

I am budgeting at the moment.  We're saving for house updates, (if only life were life the sims Ctrl-C Motherlode,) a big holiday next year and paying off little bits from my wedding.  So big treats are out of the question, which makes the little treats all the more fun and awesome.

I'm sitting here with a coffee.  I didn't make it.  I got it from a coffee shop.  Check.  Whatever it is that you don't normally buy yourself, maybe a little candle, a dvd or a game.  Just this once, TREAT YO SELF.

I can pull that off right?  Right?!


Saving the best till last. These are some of my favourite videos.  From happy cows, misheard song lyrics, parodies and epic rap battles.  These are the videos that cheer me up, time after time.

Misheard Song Lyrics

If you've ever seen I give it a year, you probably laughed at the scnee where she gets the lyrics wrong to songs and it drives him mad.  Which is frankly, possibly the only thing I laughed at in that film.  But we all love a good misheard song lyric.  Here's a collection of some.

Cows are cute too

I love cows.  Not eating them, but just them.  I think cows are cute and this video just makes me smile every time.  After a long winter, wrapped up safe in their barns, the cows are let into their grass patch for the first time for spring.  Their excitement is contagious, their joy is amazing.  I love it!

Sophie rolls down a hill

Everything you need is right there in the title, but you can't even begin to understand how great this video is until you watch it.  We should all be a little more like sophie.


My friend sent me this a few months back and I think I've watched it about 60 times since then.  There are no words.


This will just make everything better.

Epic rap battle

If you haven't seen the Epic rap battles of history channel before then you are missing out!  Where else can you watch cleopatra diss Marilyn Monroe?  Gandalf rap the crap out of dumbledore?  Or my favourite - Frank Sinatra and Freddie mercury.  I love the zings.  I love the music.  I love the comebacks.  I think it helps that these are two of my favourite musicians ever.

Your grammar sucks.

Once again another series that you should totally be watching.  It's premise is simple: A guy reads bad youtube comments aloud, as they are written.  This is my favourite pure and simple for two reasons:

-My ding ling ling
-Badly spelt pap roach singing.


The Hillywood show have been making brilliant parodies for years, but this is by far my favourite.  They've got everything down, from the camera shots, to the costumes, the voice actors are spot on and theres a lot for non whovians and whovians alike.  It's even better when you learn they wrote it, directed it and did everything themselves.

Patty Cake overload

This is brilliant!  Just for the pure feel goods.  FEEL GOODS.

Bad Lip Reading

Hate twilight?  Don't worry, I'm not a fan either, but this will make you smile.  Bad lip reading is exactly what it says on the tin.  A guy lip reads and then dubs his version over the top.  My favourite part is at 1:18 - Click to watch the most bestest epic scene about cake.  Give it a chance.


This part inspires me and makes me jealous because I wish I could draw like this.  Pay tribute to an awesome actor and amazing artist by giving this a watch.

Here's to a better week next week.

What cheers you up when you've been handed a whole bunch of lemons?  Comment below!

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  1. That epic rap battle Great collection of smiles & laughs and a great way to end the week!

    Hope next week has fewer lemons and more STD SD Days...

    1. Haha me too Evan! I agree, you can't beat ending the week with a rap battle.

  2. Sorry to know that you had a rough week, Emma. (((HUG))) A pet is definitely better than Prozac..but 2 dogs and five did you manage to take care of them while having to work and blogging? I have 3 cats and sometimes they really drive me crazy. You are a super woman with a great sense of humour.
    I wish you a relaxing and lovely weekend!

  3. Absolute week from hell here too... but the puppies running in the field have just made me laugh out loud in the office! I needed that! Hope it gets better for you too and enjoy the weekend :) Celine

  4. Wow that video of the Robin Williams drawing is insanely good! Also I need to know where your pyjamas are from?!

  5. Agree with all of them, I hope things cheer up for you soon. I think it's very important to treat yourself; PJs, a bit of tele and a load of ice cream!

  6. Ohh Em's I'm sorry you are having a poo, poo time. I hope your issues melt away and you are back to your normal self soon.

    I googled images to see if I could find your poster but there are hundreds of lemon sayings! Who'da thunk it?! Two of those saying made me giggle 'when life gives you lemons, squeeze them in your enemies eyes!' and the other was an image of a daddy lemon saying to a baby lemon - when life gives you to somebody, run because it's not going to end well! Poor little lemon!

    Tips for a happy Liz - chocolate, cake, a walk in the fresh air, a chick flick (Proposal, Pretty Woman & Dirty Dancing are firm favourites!), a hot chocolate, time with my sister, a cuddle from my mum.

    Sending positivity & well wishes x

  7. Love the post, lots of great tips for when you have a bad week :)

    JillyJilly Blog


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