Tea is not just for teapots

Disclaimer and all that jazz:  Adagio teas sent me some samples and one of their lush new infuser mugs to review, but they haven't paid me for my opinion or told me what to write at all.  All graphics, opinion, photos and taste buds are mine.

I really like loose leaf tea and I don't think it get's enough love.  I mean, I get it.  Loose leaf isn't as easy as popping in a teabag, but seriously, life is better loose.  If you catch my drift. -wink-

This weekend, we set about doing some DIY, this including battering the hell and staining some wooden shelves, painting, and other various DIY activities using my beloved hilarious 80's DIY book.  For those who haven't been with me very long, the book is in this post.  It's the best.  Dungarees RULE.

Anyway, I digress.

Anyone who has ever done all their own DIY before can attest that it takes up all your time, and that you need a good cuppa to keep you going.  So naturally, I thought this would be the perfect time to review some loose leaf tea and a brand spanking new infuser mug from adagio teas uk.

They promised me I'd love it.  Let's see if they are right.  Along with the mug, they sent me 5 teas to sample.

One day of DIY.  One mug.  Five teas.  Absolutely no time for photos.  Let's do this.

Blood orange

Brewing time: 5- 10 minutes.

Type: Fruit tea.

Smell: This smells amazing, I am tempted to rub this on myself in the vain hope that I'll smell like sweet oranges. 

Hopes:   I don't have high hopes for this one, as fruit tea is my least favourite.  I usually add a bit of green to it, to give it a kick.  But I've got an open mind.

While it brews: It surprises me by turning red, I take my pictures, and head off to DIY.  I have to say, so far, I'm liking the mug.  I put the lid on whilst it infused to keep it warm, and then it doubles up as an infuser holder!  No mess.  Bang on.

Verdict: Better than I thought.  I say it tastes like warm squash, and has a lush sweetness to it instead of that musty tang that most fruit teas have.  I think I prefer the smell of it more, but if you're into fruit tea, you'd probably like it.


Brewing time: 3 minutes

Type: Flavoured Black tea

Smell:  Giving it a whiff, it smells like cheap chocolate, the kind without sweeteners in it.  It's got that kick of black tea though, which kinda adds to it.

Hopes: I had really high hopes for this one.  I like chocolate tea.  Plus, with it being a black tea, there's the option to add milk if you fancy.

While it brews: It brews like a black tea would.  I have to say, the smell once you add the water is 10 times better than the smell of the dry leaves.  It smells like rich melted chocolate.

Verdict:  I took a sip and the smell was definitely stronger than the taste.  I added an extra teaspoon of tea and left it for an extra minute.  The next sip was much better, the chocolate flavour isn't overwhelming, but the black tea is nice, which definitely adds to it.  Tastes pretty good with a dash of milk as well.  More like if you'd melted chocolate in a mug, and then had a tea in it straight after without washing it.  That's the best way to describe it.

Masala Chai

Brewing time: 5 minutes

Type: Ceylon chai infusion

Smell: I can smell it through the bag.  I stick my nose right in and feel like I've been punched in the face with a spice bag.

Hopes:  I have to be in the mood for chai, but I like it if it's prepared properly.  I can see whole cloves, pulled bits of ginger and whole cardamom seeds, so I'm pretty hopeful actually.

While it brews:  I didn't have time to make it the traditional way, I stick it in my infuser and hope for the best.  My kitchen smells like an exotic spice shop.  The cloves make me think of Christmas.  I say as much to my husband who tells me it's too early to think of such things.  Whatever, I don't play by no rules.

Verdict: Lovely.  Not too strong, but lovely and warming.  There isn't one overwhelming flavour, which screams out to me.  This is definitely a tea for winter, but not for one if you don't like spices or overwhelming flavours.  Husband doesn't agree, but he doesn't like cloves.

Silver Sprout

Brewing Time: 3 minutes

Type: Green tea

Smell:  Earthy, like a proper green tea.  Though if I'm honest, I've still got the nose punch from the chai, so it is affecting my sense of smell slightly.

Hopes:  I really do like trying new green teas.  It took me ages to like them, so I'm an open book to this one.

While it brews: Smells like a nice green tea.  I like watching it unfurl in the infuser.  Husband is excited about this one, he loves plain teas.

Verdict:  It really is lovely.  It's really rich and smokey, I think that's the only way I can describe it.  It's not too strong, but doe pack a punch.  Husband greedily brews another mug up to have whilst we paint.

White Peach

Brewing time: 3- 5 minutes

Type:  White tea infusion

Smell:  Imagine biting into a fresh juicy peach.  I don't know how they did it, but that is EXACTLY how this smells.  Right down to the juiciness.

Hopes:  They are high.  The hopes are very very high.

While it brews:  Hopes are still high, the smell that is wafting out of this mug right now is amazing.  I want to marry this smell.

Verdict:  This is it.  This is my favourite.  It's sweet, very delicate - it's not too tangy and it definitely doesn't taste artificial.  I'm not ashamed to tell you all that there is maybe one cups worth of tea left in this packet now.  Husband and I have drank our way through the whole thing in a few days.


So this mug:  I was promised three things:-

  1. Easy to use
  2. Easy to clean
  3. Great tasting tea

I can tell you that it did deliver on all three things.  The infuser is large enough to let the tea infuse properly, lot's of space for the leaves to get jiggy.  This does affect the taste in a positive way.  Jiggy leaves = Tasty leaves.

Another plus is having the lid to seat the infuser on.  It means you can just take the whole thing with you.  No waiting around for it to brew so you can take the infuser out.  I literally brewed the tea, popped the lid on, and off I went.  This makes things incredibly quick.  The infuser is easy to clean out as well.  A 30 second rinse and it was done.

The downside, for me, is the size of the mug.  During the day I have a big BIG mug.  Was perfect for my morning cup of mate though.

Gen is indifferent to the mug.  She is more interested in my sandwich that is out of shot.

Cheers adagio for sending me this stuff to review, if you're interested in their awesomely wide range of tea, you can visit them here.

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  1. I am not a fruit tea or tea bag person...prefer loose tea leaves. I would love that masala chai. Gen is clever :-))

  2. Gimme that cup! :) You are the queen of tea, I love seeing all the varieties and your take on them.


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