Movie night: Healthy snack pots


What's that on my small dvd pile? Con air?  DAMN RIGHT CON AIR!

I love con air.  It's a plethora of awful one liners, cheesey characters and god, it's just so good. 'Put the bunny down...'  Plus there is something about young Nic cage in a vest with his receding hairline and tattered flowing locks that apparently sets my heart aflame.

It's almost as good as Waynes world.  Almost.  Cue famous scene.

Anyway.  I promise this has a point.  Okay not really, I just really like films.  I don't even have a favourite film.  Does anyone?


Sunday we had planned a whole day of activities.  Then the rain came down.  I mean, it really poured down.  All plans were cancelled.  Our first intention was to grab the phone and remake rain safe plans, but this big glinting pile of DVDs I'd had for my birthday was winking at us from the corner.

So this is what we did instead.....

We ate a roast dinner, closed the curtains, we made popcorn, put on pajamas and then we spent the whole day like that.  We only moved for an hour to walk the dog once the weather dried up a bit.  Best part? I didn't even feel an Iota of guilt, in fact, it was exactly what was needed.

I love watching films.  I love eating.  I like to combine the two.... but it's difficult...

You don't pay attention to what you're eating if you watch something at the same time.  If you are, you aren't paying enough attention to the film and I love to get lost in a good film as much as I do a good book.

So I don't want to spend hours creating something to snack on.

It's just... if you pop into a shop... the snack choices are so... well... dull.

Not only are they dull, (and addictive) but eventually they make you feel sick.  I hate that.  Mindless snacking whilst watching a movie, to the point where you feel sick is the absolute worst in snacking faux paux.

Sometimes, I get it, it's cool to munch down on the naughty stuff, but yesterday?

Yesterday not so much.  I've eaten WAY too much birthday cake to feel in the mood for that.  I'm getting the bad food grumps.

So we went ahead and made our own little pots of snacking goodness.  Quick, easy and cheap as chips.  My favourite kind of recipe.

Making your own popcorn is easy, it's also much much nicer and my favourite fact of all?  It's cheaper.  A small bag of popcorn kernels from my local market cost me a £1 and I can make about 10 portions of popcorn from it.


Why don't more people do this!?

FAQ: Why is this recipe in cups?
I won't lie to you.  Because it's easier to wash up my cup set than my scales when time isn't on my side.  This is a quick recipe, designed to scoop and then be done with measuring.  Hence - the cups.

1/2 cup of popcorn kernels*
3 tablespoons peanut oil
1/2 cup of toasted almonds (flaked if best, but I'd run out)
1/2 cup of mixed dried fruit such as chopped dates, raisins, sultanas, etc
Roughly 80g dark chocolate - melted.
1/2 tbsp of melted butter
pinch of salt
pinch of cinnamon

*Use this recipe from The Kitchn on how to pop popcorn using your stove.  It's the best method I've found.

Pop your popcorn and toast your almonds.  Toast your almonds by tossing into a dry pan on a high heat for no more than a minute.  Too much toasting and your almonds will taste bitter.

Next, melt your butter and chocolate in pain, mix well.  Add in the dried fruit.  Leave to one side to cool.

Next, pop everything in a bowl, popcorn, dried fruit and chocolate fruity-ness.  Mix well, season with salt and cinnamon - pop into serving bowls and eat up!

Movie days are great.  Have to make room for more of them.  What's the most recent film you watched?

This was a few of the films that we watched...

The Grand Budapest Hotel
I was expecting a lot from this film, because I really like the weirdness of wes anderson films, and just the general kooky-tidiness of them too.  I was not disappointed.  Ralph fiennes was awesome in it and I want to live in this hotel.  Like seriously.  I imagine the film running on a beat, and every move is calculated and refined.  Ah man, it's just good, go watch it if you fancy!

The Kings of Summer
This deserves way more recognition than it has, first off it was one of those films you can actually call 'charming' because it actually is!  Secondly, it was actually funny, not laugh your ass off funny, but.. oh god, I'm going to say it... 'charming funny'.  The weird kid in it was by far my favourite.  He just really pulls it off.  plus it's shown simplistically, exactly how my childhood summers are remembered.  However, the den's we built looked far more.. uh... crap.

August: Osage County
Not a feel good film, not even in the slightest, but we were gripped throughout.  It's rare to watch something that is so well acted you forget you are watching a film.  This was one of them.  You get Julia Roberts saying vagina several times,  Benedict Cumberbatch pulling of socially awkward, yet again..., Meryl Streep pulling off pill popping mum so brilliantly, I didn't even recognise her.

The Book Thief
I loved the book this was based on, as soon as I finished reading it, I picked it back up and read it again.  So I wasn't expecting to love the film as much, and I didn't.  But it wasn't even as close to being as bad as the reviews made out.  I still enjoyed it.  The kids in it were brilliant, and I LOVED seeing that library come to life.  So no, not as good as the book, but I'm glad, because the book is, and should be completely different in my opinion.

On the to watch list still:
Out of Africa
This is spinal tap
The stag
Inside Llewyn Davis
Searching for sugar man

So what's on your too watch list lately?  Any to recommend?

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  1. The Grand Budapest Hotel is AMAZING! I loved it so much, definitely want to watch it again. The Book Thief is an awesome book but I just can't bring myself to watch the film as it's a book that needs to be alive in my head not on a screen xx

    1. I was the same Holly, it was no where near the amazingness of the film, but it was a nice watch. :)

  2. This sounds like the perfect Sunday, nothing better than a movie night. Love your healthy snacks in mugs - totally obsessed with salty popcorn plus melted butter, yum! I watched Grand Budapest Hotel recently too & absolutely loved it :)

    1. Ohhh yes, it seems to be one of those films that is going to be really popular on DVD. With you on melted butter, though put that on anything and I'd probably eat it ;)

  3. I cant eat these due to the peanut thing but Im with you on making your own popcorn. Is so fun and way healthier! I have fave films by genre i.e. guilty pleasure is Robin Hood Prince of Thieves or Back to the Future, Fave Rom Com is Bridget Jones, Fave period drama, Sense and Sensibility. Yes I know I am cool. You can say it.

    1. As long as you use a high smoke point oil, you can make this :) replace peanut oil with coconut or something alike that.

      I do agree that there are favourite genre films, but even then I struggle.. there are some films that i keep re-watching and not get bored... Bridget Jones is DEFINITELY up there.

  4. Such great ideas! I'm not much a movie watcher but the Grand Budapest Hotel sounds like a cool movie. I like the graphics you made here too :)

    1. Cheers June! It was an awesome film, really weird and quirky!

  5. That's my kind of ideal weekend, Emma. I enjoy Ralph fiennes' films, must put the movie on my to watch list too.

  6. Move HER up to the top of your to-watch list. Such an original, brilliant film. I'm so serious I'm not even including a joke here at the end.

    1. This seriousness unnerves me, no jokes about pie chutes or anything!? Up to the top of the list it goes.

  7. I love to snack while watching movies and this sounds like a good choice. I agree about the book thief no where as good as the book but an okay movie. The last movie I watched was Magic Mike, wasn't the comedy I was expecting! Still okay though!

    1. Oh I've seen that, I agree, it was more dramatic than I thought it would be! Bit of a crud ending too.

  8. I love the popcorn tubs you've used for this. They are the cutest and just add to the occasion perfectly! I love to make my own popcorn and I am with you on the cost factor, it is SO much cheaper. I do love a dorito to munch, the lime ones with a pot of guacamole - hell yeah but Doritos cost so much money nowadays! As always a great post. I won't go into my favourite films cos it'll be embarrassing x

    1. No favourite film is embarrassing if you love it! One of my favourite guilty pleasures is the hot chick... or waynes world! Or 10 things I hate about you. Not ashamed!

      Ohh I do love favourite is chilli... but god, i eat so many I'm nearly sick!

  9. I completely agree about making your own popcorn, it's so easy and cheap too! Fab idea for movie nights!

  10. I love this idea and the collection of goodies you put in it. I also love that you added chocolate, it always makes everything better, right? These are totally pots of joy!

  11. Yum, this is perfect for any movie night :D
    Love it!

    Choc Chip Uru

  12. Very nice post


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