Doctor who 50th: Celebration in Food.

"There's no point in being grown up if you can't be childish sometimes."

I LOVE DOCTOR WHO.  Well, I do now.  It's a programme I can watch and not be bored by.  Ever.  It's meant to be for children, but I know people twice my age who sit down giddy with excitement for new episodes and the specials.

Like most children, I grew up knowing who Doctor who was, even though it wasn't on TV.  I had a long striped scarf my mum would call my "Doctor who" scarf.

I knew what the Daleks were.

I'd heard of the tardis.

I even knew the jokes about the cardboard sets and silly looking monsters.

It was everywhere, even before it was back on TV.  But I'd never watched an episode.  Not one.  When it came back on TV in 2005, it bought with it a whole new generation of fans.

And now we're all grown up too, but here we are, all still loving doctor who, and still feeling that excitement.  As the Doctor says, there's no point in being grown up if you can't be a little childish sometimes.  Which is why we threw a bit of a party, but more on that in a moment.

You'd have to be hiding in a cave to not know that it was the 50th anniversary last week.  It was everywhere.  The bakeries were serving fish fingers and custard, google put up a game, the markets were selling Doctor who scarves, there were conventions, specials and all sorts.  It was even on the news.

It was mental.  You had to get in the spirit.

Back to our party.  We invited over some Who-loving friends, lit a fire and got some extremely pun-based foods ready for consumption.

I'm not even sorry for this awful pun filled post guys.  Because when I bought out a chicken in a bow tie, the only reaction was to utterly p*** yourself laughing.  The whole night was full of laughter, good times & good friends.  Which is thoroughly what the doctor demands.

There wasn't just my thyme lord roast chicken.  Oh no!  A few nights before, we'd watched a few specials, with equally mad friends and enjoyed "Weeping angel delight" in bowls in front of the fire.

We made 'dalek' & herb stuffing.  We bought 10-inch rolls and named them "david ten-inch subs".  We made a salad full of edible glitter and star croutons and called it a cosmos salad.

And of course, there were cakes and cookies.  Cause it was a party.  C'mon!

So it was pun-tastic, and pretty delicious.

We sat in a huddled group, plates on laps, a big tardis full of jelly babies for pudding and sat to watch the episode like a bunch of excited kids.

Did anyone here watch it?  My god, it was good!

No spoilers.  Promise.

But it was good. :P

Made better by roast chicken & Stuffing sandwiches? Well, not if you're a vegetarian, but to us, yes, massively improved.  Two giant thumbs up from this corner of the globe.

So obviously, I should point out, that cooking times on a chicken massively depend on the size of your chicken.  Please use caution when working out cooking times!  Usually there is a nice helpful little indicator on the packet it's in.  Or your butcher can help (provided that's where you bought it!  He might not be so helpful otherwise...)

1 Large chicken - insides pre-removed. (I always use free-range organic, high welfare.)
1 Big bunch of fresh thyme
1 lemon
1 small bulb of garlic
Sea salt
Cracked black pepper
Olive oil
Bow tie optional.  Of course.

Preheat your oven 240°C/475°F/gas 9.  Get your chicken out of the fridge, remove all packaging and leave to rest for about 30 minutes.  Do not wash it!


Ha.  More puns.  Anyway - I use a roasting tray, with a wire rack suspended above the bottom of the tray.  Allows the juices to run clear and the bottom of your chicken to crisp up.  But of course, this is up to you and what you have around the house.


Everyone has a different way of preparing a chicken.  Some break the ribs, to smush the bits together (very technical talk going on here).  Some score the flesh, some just bung it in as is.  I'm a bit of all three.  Anyway, I stabbed my lemon, and put it in the cavity with a good handful of the thyme and the crushed, peeled cloves of the garlic.  I then drizzled some olive oil on top, sprinkled some chopped thyme & garlic on top and then seasoned with some sea salt and cracked black pepper.  I then put it in my pre-heated oven for 2 1/2 hours (it was a pretty big chicken)


I pulled it out every half an hour to scoop juices back onto the top of the chicken and to turn it around.

Once the roasting time is up, you need to check that the chicken is actually cooked through.  Once again, there are so many different ways to do this, go with whatever you feel is better.  I personally stab it, make sure the juices run clear and cut a small slice in the thickest part of the breast to check for pinkness (there shouldn't be any).  Once you're sure, leave the chicken to rest for 10 minutes before carving.

Boom.  Carve up that chicken.  DONE.  I use all the meat.  Thigh, back, breast and wing - i mix it all up, but I know some like to keep it all separate.  Whatever floats your meaty boat.

Roast chickens are one of those things that seem hard to do, but actually, are pretty easy to get right.  You've just got to be confident.  I cooked my first whole chicken for my in-laws and it was pretty nerve wrecking, but manageable.

This one, was pretty stress-free too.  It was served up with some seperately cooked stuffing (from a packet.. C'mon I had a whole house of people to feed with no time to spare) in which I added extra garlic, and baked for 30 minutes.

Party went off without a hitch, everyone enjoyed the episode and there was a lot of fun afterwards.  Can't beat a bunch of friends sitting down to Doctor who in their comfiest clothes, with a plate full of pun-tastic food.

In other news, I started an Instagram, then forgot to tell people about it.  So now I am.  I have instagram and stuff.  Visit it here: - as of today I have 5 whole pictures. ;)

Anyway, I said I'd post about other stuff, but I guess I'll save it for another post. Gives me incentive.

Nice to be back.  Again. :)


  1. Hey Emma, nice to see you back!! So many brill ideas! Love it! Though now you make me feel old... No Dr Who on the tele growing up? Gah. My three childhood Dr's were the wonderful Peter Davidson, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy. I loved Sylvester the most as I was older then so remember it better. I used to watch it from behind the sofa, peeping out though my hands. I still adore it and I never miss it. But I never let the kids watch it as its so way too scary for them! Tee hee ;)

  2. It was cancelled just after I was born, so it was all repeats for me until I was 16! Glad to know there's another who fan out there who loves it as much as me :D

    1. That's a hard question to answer! It's a hard call between Tom Baker, David Tennant or Matt Smith. As those are the ones I've seen the most of... But I'm looking forward to the New Doctor, be kinda cool to have someone older again.

      What about you? Out of your three? Who was your favourite?

    2. Sylvester will always hold a place in my heart ;) BUT, weirdly, I have to admit I think Matt Smith is the best. He brought so much fun to it! I'm also looking forward to the new Dr, I have a good feeling about him! Sorry- totally hijacked your post......

    3. No, I like it!! I've got a good feeling too. I think he's gonna be a change though =]

  3. Mike and I watched it at the cinema... in 3D... epic! x

  4. I am not a fan of Doctor Who, but my husband is crazy for it. I would like to get a police box like yours for him. The chicken looks super, Emma.

    1. I got it as a birthday present, but I know they sell them on amazon and places like that - they even have a teapot that I'm eyeing up!

  5. What an awesome themed dinner meal! Great job, that looks delicious :)

    Happy Blogging!
    Happy Valley Chow

  6. My daughter loves Doctor Who, I have never watched it. I love the chicken looks yummy and quite cute in the bowtie.

    1. hehe, thanks Dawn. Your daughter has awesome taste :)

  7. Welcome back! The party looks like it was such fun...and delicious! The local library and a British shop in the next town both celebrated. Yes, Doctor Who is popular here in Kansas!

    1. Oh good! YAY! That makes me happy. It must be spread :)

  8. HAHA - love this post. That chicken looks awesome.

  9. Emma - some fantastic ideas! Love it. Those marshmallows are so cute!

    I imagine you'd like our 50th Anniversary TARDIS cake that we created for BBC America :)

  10. Dear Emma, It sounds like a fun party and I don't think any of us should ever really grow up, what fun would that be!
    I don't know this program,though the party sounds like fun and the chicken looks and sounds great too.
    Blessings dear. Catherine


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