Dolly's in Falmouth

Long time readers of this little site will probably know how much of an utter tea lover I am.  Case in point, today it is over 30 degrees, the office is sweltering hot, I'm in a dress and yet, here I sit, drinking a steaming cup of tea.

It doesn't even have milk in it!

So that's me, big tea lover, I believe most problems can be solved with a cuppa (First thing I had after a car accident was a large cuppa), and I spend way too much time in tea shops or even just the tea aisle at the supermarket.

Which is why, for the past year, I've been visiting as many different tea rooms as possible, taking pictures and trying out the bakes, lunches and drinks they had to offer.  Because I love it.

And this was no different whilst on holiday, we wittered a few hours away on many different sunny beaches, coastal walks and exploring ruins.  Being British  we travelled through just as many tearooms and cafes, but one was so awesome, that I've decided to finally start chronicling my adventures through the tearooms of England.

Prepare yourselves.

A quick google search of Dolly's Tearooms in Falmouth will tell you most of what I could ever write here.  People emphasise on the reclaimed tables, the friendly staff, the wine served in teapots and mismatched china.  The best feeling is being greeting at the door by a golden labrador called Hebe.  It's definitely something special.

It was a pretty hot afternoon when we passed the doorway for Dolly's.  A thin painted doorway, leading to a staircase, surrounded by pretty colourful chalkboard signs inviting you upstairs.  I was so bummed I didn't have our proper camera with us, as there was so much to take in.

So we climbed the pretty painted wood staircase up and round to a lovely little hallway area.  There we were greeted, not by a maître d' (though why you'd have one of those in a tearoom I don't know) or a waitress, but the bright eyes and wagging tail of a beautiful golden labrador wearing pearls.

The owner came out then, we had a really nice chat about dogs (Hebe is on a diet, much like our Gen is) and after a good fuss of the friendly pooch, we were offered to sit anywhere we liked.

"She'll follow you!" 

We walked to the side into what looked like the larger of the rooms, and were greeted by window seats, a piano in the corner waiting to be played, a table full of books to look through, a cabinet of mismatched china and the patter of dog paws following us through to our seats.  Just as promised.

The menu was simple, but brilliant.  A wide range of teapigs (which I love) and illy coffees.  We had annoyingly had lunch already, but even I was tempted by what was on offer.  Instead I went for a cream tea (offers of scone included lovely ones like lavender!) with a plain green tea in my pot instead of english breakfast.

Husband-to-be chose jasmine pearls, and as the lovely waitress who took our order went off, the aforementioned Hebe came by and greeted us again.  In fact, this lovely dog simply wandered around the tearooms, greeting customers and lending a helping hand to the staff.

Tea was lovely.  The scone was amazing.  I opted for a fruit scone, because it was holiday and it was completely allowed.  It came on more mismatched china, that I loved almost as much as the scone.  Even though I offered some to Kris, I was pretty relieved when he turned it down to take a look around the room.  Though there was someone there who definitely wouldn't have turned it down....

So whilst I munched on the entire scone myself, with lashings of clotted cream and jam (you only live once, right?) the stylings of old jazz played in the background.  It was relaxing and lovely.

As it was early in the afternoon, wine and cocktails were a no go as we still had two more places to travel too that day.  But with names like "Flappers delight" and "The vicars tea party" it was seriously hard to not order one!

The cake table sat right in the middle of the room, and Kris went up and down several times before deciding against having a slice and having a big pot of tea instead.

God, even the loo was nice.  How many places can you say that about?

If you're in the Falmouth area, I'd seriously give this place a go.  It's lovely.

Nope, I wasn't paid to do this review, nor did I get anything for free.  I paid (well, actually, Kris paid) for our teas & scones.  The words, pictures and reviews in this post are all my own.

Just a few pictures now, of some of our tour around Cornwall.

Every night, we climbed 20 minutes up a cliff to get this view.  Perfect.  This isn't even edited apart from the watermark.

Hours of climbing leads to a bit of a drop...

The Surfing beach in the town we stayed in.

View from the harbour in Porthleven.

Another night, another beautiful sunset.  This one reminded me of the lion king.

Husband-to-be racing ahead of me on our cliff top walk.

Inside of Merlin's cave, Tintagel Castle - Reputed Birthplace of king Arthur.

The middle parts of Tintagel castle.  Took us an age to climb in 30 degree heat!  Very high up, so many steps.

Cheeky Seagull in St. Ives.


  1. I'm utterly in love with Hebe in her pearls. So looking forward to a tea and welsh cakes on our up coming trip to Wales... sighs and gets back to her reports!

  2. Sounds lovely! Dying for a scone with clotted cream and jam now! Will defo keep peepers peeled the next time we journey to that side of England! x

  3. Gorgeous photos, Emma.
    I too am a tea drinker, no matter the weather. I usually start my day with a pot of freshly brewed tea with some homemade bread.

  4. This place sounds lush! Another good one to try - if you're ever in the area - is Miss B's in Melton Mowbray. It's fantastic as an experience and the tea/cake & food is amazing. The staff are so friendly too.

  5. Falmouth has a long main street Emma, whereabouts is Dolly's Hun? I'll give it a go next time I am up there!! xxx

  6. Jealous of your Kernow trip!!! Beautiful pics though :) xx P.s love your top in the surfing beach pic - wheres it from? x

  7. If you're ever in Ely try Peacocks Tea Rooms-you'd LOVE it!!


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