Loco For Cocoa Cake

Well, I did promise I'd post it today.

I can't tell you how much better my new kitchen is for taking pictures.  That big window is saving me a fortune on lamps!

As far as I can tell, this Birthday cake went down well, there's about 3/8ths of it left.  It provided a few drink related jokes "I'll have 3 fingers of Cake please" and even broke Kris' dad's pact of "no chocolate before anniversary cruise."  Enjoyed by many so far...

...despite the probably horrific weight watching damage.

So before I get down to business and post this bad boy, I should clear up a few things:

  1. It's not low fat.  It's a birthday cake.
  2. It's not low sugar.  It's a birthday cake.
  3. It's not particularly healthy.  It's a birthday cake.

  1. It contains a little bit of chocolate.
  2. You should definitely sieve your cocoa powder, or it will go lumpy in the cake.
  3. It looks harder to make than it is - it's actually pretty simple!
  4. The sponge absorbs the chocolate fudge to create heaven on earth.
  5. If you don't have the time to make your own chocolate fudge centre, there's no harm in melting down some shop bought fudge, adding a bit of butter and cocoa powder to save on time.

Now there is an order to making this.  For example.  If you make the fudge sauce first, it's going to be hard and un-spreadable by the time you come to being able to use it.  You can't put butter icing on a hot cake either, so you have to wait for the sponges to be cooled before decorating.

I've tried to put the order as helpfully as possible in the recipe but if you have any queries just do the usual and send me an email or comment.

Ahh up above, I see I forget to mention the vanilla essence, my apologies, it was a late night!  For the icing - add the vanilla just before the icing sugar.

Anyway, I better go, I've got a ton of work to get through.

Here's some other pictures

Have a great week!


  1. Wow..just wow. This looks amazing Emma. Think I will have to make this for my boyfriend for his birthday this year - he will be a very happy man in chocolatey heaven! Your house is looking beautiful too, glad you are all settling in so well. Love your recipes, keep them coming please xx

  2. Damn!!!!! This looks like the most delic birthday cake ever'! I just love the first part no its not low fat no it does not have less sugar ha ha ha love it!!

  3. What a gorgeous cake! It might be a calorie bomb, but I don't care. It looks irresistible and it's a BIRTHDAY cake. And you don't turn down a birthday cake, healthy or not.

  4. This is such a fun cake!! and I love your notebook paper recipe :)

  5. There are no words. None. Except nom nom nom NOM

  6. There are no words. None. Except nom nom nom NOM

  7. That looks awesome!!! I'm going to make it for my fiance's birthday in a week. How long do you think it would keep fresh for, if I kept it in a cake tin? If I made it on Fri afternoon, do you think whatever is left will be fresh enough for him to take into work on the Monday?? Becca x

    1. Well, I made it on Monday Night and it's still pretty fresh today! Hope this helps!!

  8. Dear Emma, What a great birthday cake. It looks beautiful and I am sure tastes wonderful. Blessings dearest. Catherine xo

  9. That looks amazing! Definitely want to give it a go sometime, mmmmm xx

  10. I turn 50 in December and I think this cake would be the perfect way to celebrate! Of course, I'm fully aware that I will have to make it myself, but what fun!

  11. The cake looks amazing. It would be a perfect birthday cake and on your birthday you shouldn't be counting calories.

  12. Woah. What a cake! You have everything I could ever want; maltesers, magic stars and all sorts! Ignore the calories!

  13. Oh wow my friend, want to make my Christmas cake please?
    You are amazing!

    Choc Chip Uru

  14. My only request would have been a photo of inside a slice. If I'm going to torture myself I want to do it right! It looks AMAZING!!!

  15. Very fun cute cake! Love it! Have a fabulous week!

  16. Wow, this cake looks amazing! Love all the different chocolate - and it's name made me smile too :)

  17. I panicked when I saw the "loco for cocoa sponge cake" etc. in the top requirements -- thinking "oh no, it's something only available in Britain." Then I realized the entire recipe was there...this amazing cake is still within reach .... Here's hoping for an occasion special enough to warrent this beauty. Well done my friend!!!

  18. Hi Emma,

    Your cake looks amazing! Love the way you wrote and I laughed a lot reading this:

    "It's not low fat. It's a birthday cake.
    It's not low sugar. It's a birthday cake.
    It's not particularly healthy. It's a birthday cake."

    Totally agree with you... Not everyday is a birthday... so why not enjoy this cake :D


  19. Hi,

    Where did you get the white chocolate stars??

    Katie x

    1. Hey Katie, I found them at my local supermarket. If you're from the UK they sell them in Asda too, hope that helps!!

  20. LOVE!!!!!
    This is my "I died and gone to heaven" kinda cake.
    Awesome Emma!
    Can you make my cake on my next birthday?


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