Healthy Apple Breakfast Crumble

Well, we've moved in!

The best thing about having my own place is the kitchen.  I love having my own space to work in, put things where I want and make it my home without being in the way of others.  Plus I really REALLY like having my own fridge.

Don't get me wrong, I miss my family like hell.  I miss the noise, the clutter (shh, yes even the clutter) I miss my mum being there on tap for cuddles & advice,  I miss my dad's rants about whatever is on TV at the time, I miss my brothers spurts of comedy routines and my other brothers random workouts as soon as a female enters the room and I miss our other dog Logan coming for cuddles before bedtime.

But having my own place rules.  Kris, Genna (the dog) and I are enjoying every second of it.

Yeah it's really hard work.  But we're learning.  Only the other day I fixed a leaky sink with the aid of plumb centre, Google and a silent prayer. We're finding ourselves to actually be quite handy.  My dad gave me a chunky 80's DIY & home improvements book.  It's pretty retro and has provided multiple giggles and...

You know what?  Words aren't enough.  Let me take some pictures.

You know, it really isn't DIY unless you have multiple colours of dungarees, tight jeans and plaid shirts.

Mostly I just love that the woman (in the eye catching dungarees) is only trusted with brush, scissor & brick holding.  "Here dear, let me help you by sitting on this radiator whilst I stare hypnotised at your jean bulge."

But wait!  There's a multitude of sexy pictures to gander on!

From the classic mustache woolly jumper combo. 

To the sailor look.  Essential whilst removing roof tiles.

To this man who looks strangely like a chuckle brother.

 Or just this.  Which had me laughing for ages and I'm not entirely sure why....

So now I'm done ripping on the DIY book that's actually saved my bum a few times, I'll move onto today's recipe!

Pudding for breakfast, I hear you cry?  Yes.  Of course.  This is me.


Yeah, this is my gorgeous dining room!  Much better for taking pictures in thanks to the massive window at the side.  So this is pretty easy to make as long as you've pre-made the other parts first. If not, don't worry, you can buy shop granola (but it won't taste as awesome).

I'll start with the main recipe:

Then onto the basic Granola

To the apple puree

I was nominated by the wonderful blogger Abby over at Seaweed and Sassafras for the very inspiring blogger award.  I don't have time to follow the rules and nominate my choices just at the moment, but I will as soon as I get the time.  Thanks Abby!  In the meantime, head over ot hear blog and check out some of the fab recipes.  Yum.

Right, I'm off - I've got a birthday boy to make dinner for (Kris).  I'll post the epic cake I made tommorrow.  As for now, here's a sneaky peak:



  1. This sounds like an amazing breakfast!! Oh, and I am looking forward to the recipe for that awesome looking cake!

  2. Haha all of those guys look like they should be in the Village People, love it!

  3. Yum!

  4. This looks so yummy and easy!! lol I love this help book lol

  5. that looks delicious. I love crumbles! and glad you're liking your new place :)

  6. Yummy my daughter lover crumbles! in her breakfast specially made with this recipe. and asked her mother to make it daily , She also love to take it in her lunch box at school.

  7. this looks so delicious! and i love your blog layout, so cute!
    p.s. i'm your newest follower :)

    xo brie

  8. Such a yummy breakfast! And that cake looks killer... off to check out that next!!

  9. Nice breakfast, I hope you could share it on my "Skinny Simple Breakfast Recipes" Sunday Linky. Meriem

  10. Oh I have to try this recipe! I love this kind of breakfast!


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