Birthday Cake and Updates

Hello all,

It's been all go here at the house these past few days.  Now the painting is done and dried, our oven  is wired in and working, plus we've filled the kitchen with a few bits and bobs.  It's starting to look and feel more like home and less like a building site...  Which is always a positive.

Before I move onto the house update, I thought I'd share the results of my Auntie Bee's Birthday Cake.  Those who've been reading for a few months will know that I had the pleasure of making her cake this year, returning the favour (or flavour if you prefer a foodie pun) to her.  After all, she's made our birthday cakes (me, My brothers, My parents & my Fiancee) for years.

So this is the result:  A woodland picnic.  It started out as a dirty dancing cake, but they didn't have any pink food colouring.  Then it was going to be plain white with bunting across.  Then it gradually developed into a picnic set on a tree stump.  Don't ask how that process came to be, but it did.

For those who asked for the details of the cake, here they are:  It was two 9inch sweet berry sponges, with strawberry jam & vanilla butter icing center.  Encased in white royal icing which I painted green with food colouring.  It's topped with a mixture of desiccated coconut & shredded regal icing - all mixed with different green food colouring.

The tree stump was a mini fruit sponge with strawberry jam in between the layers.  Topped with a mix of Red, Yellow & Black Regal icing.  I pressed crushed biscuit into places and golden caster sugar to get the tree texture. 

The mini cupcakes on the top are actually petite four versions of my Lemorange Cream Jubilee cupcakes.

All the fruit, the bowl of salad and the plates/bowl are made from mixed colours of Regal icing and are edible.

The bowl of Jelly is a mixture of jam, granulated sugar, jelly crystals & gelatin.  It meant it hardened stiffer than jam on it's own but was easy to cut if the knife went through it.  I used the leftovers to stick the fruit/candles/cupcakes to the stump.

The bunting around the cake is made from the basic colours from my regal ice set, joined with a simple icing pen.  That bit was bloody hard.

So that's the birthday cake.

Here's a quick house update, we got a few things in the kitchen.

Not finished yet....


Our first meal in the dining room, with two of our helpers:

Half completed dining room:

Slightly scary Russian dolls:  The one in the middle looks a little cross!

That's all for now - I've still got another car load of books & kitchen appliances to bring over.  Funny how that's taken priority bed.

Can't wait to get cooking in the kitchen.  Just a few more shelves to put up, and our fridge is being delivered soon.


  1. Your house is too cute! What an awesome cake WOW!!!

  2. The cake looks adorable!
    Great job on the painting, Emma.
    I have the same chalkboard in my kitchen,
    popcorn container and I have the Blue version of the Russian Dolls.
    Great stove.

  3. Aaaaah that cake is the cutest birthday cake in the world :D
    Beautiful looking kitchen again and I am so happy you are settling in!

    Choc Chip Uru

    1. Thank you, I appreciate it! Hope you're enjoying your time off!

  4. Your picnic birthday cake looks stunning. Hope that you will have to wait for long to settle down in your nicely renovated home.

    Your blog is so bright and cheerful... "Like" you at Facebook and now following you at blogger and Twitter :D

    1. Thanks Zoe, I'm off to take a look at your site too =]

  5. So cute! Both the cake and the house! Love your kitchen!

  6. WOW!!! i'm in love with your half finished kitchen! it is so warm and inviting, and those little tea jars - flippin heck! so cute!!! you should be so proud of yourself, I live in a flat at the moment which is home for a few years until we can save up enough for a london home deposit (ie, a century)... but you have deffo inspired me to save every penny to have our own place to paint red xxx ps. your cake is just too awesome!

  7. This cake is amazing! Your house is looking lovely.

  8. I have green russian dolls like that! SO cute :) Loving all your home posts. Awesome job on the cake too!! Ellie x

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  10. Your kitchen looks wonderful! I wish I had your stove! Looks like everything is coming together. :)

  11. Oh my! Your cake is fabulous! I don't think I can do that.. So detailed and creative. You must have worked so hard to produce that! Wow!

  12. I love the birthday cake, so cute. Your house looks like it coming along nicely.


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