Chow Mein Chicken Nuggets

I wanted chow mein.  I wanted chicken nuggets.  A legend was born.

I'm a big old fan of experimentation in the kitchen.  Yes, it creates monstrosities such as the "egg white casserole" which came out looking like bird spit pie.  But it also, on rare occasions, creates something so amazingly awesome, I'm surprised it's come out of my kitchen.

Such is the story of the of the Chow Mein Chicken Nuggets.

It's not a long story.  I had all the ingredients to make chow mein, and I was going to put it on my stir fry.  Except I didn't have any noodles.  Kinda the whole things about chow mein is the noodles right?  After all it means "a Chinese term for a dish of stir-fried noodles, of which there are many varieties."  So basically, I decided I wanted chicken nuggets instead, and decided to flavour them with what I would have had in my chow mein.

Like I said, not exactly the most complex of creations.

But then...they came out, and they were like little nuggets of heaven in a little white bowl.  I rarely get this excited by food I make, but I actually got really excited.

Then people started nicking them and I got a little annoyed... and hungry.

Either way, I decided to share them today because I'm feeling charitable and because quite frankly, they make me happy. The great thing about them is they are pretty low in fat & calories because they hardly need any oil and the recipe doesn't require traditional wheat flour.

First off, I should specify the awesomeness of this recipe.  You can make it with meat substitute instead of chicken.  The coating will work really well on sliced large mushrooms as well.  You can also sub the egg for water/oil mixture.  This recipe calls for gram flour and trust me, it's worth trying to find it.  The flour makes the coating, crumbly, healthy & easy to cook, needing less oil than as with my other chicken coated recipe.

For some help, gram flour can also be called: chickpea flour, garbanzo flour, or besan.  I found my packet very easily in the gluten free section of my supermarket.  I'm told that you can make it yourself by grinding dried chickpeas in a food processor.

Makes 20 nuggets

2 Large Chicken Breasts.
150g Gram flour 
1 large egg.
2 teaspoons onion granules
2 teaspoons garlic granules
4 teaspoons Chinese five spice
1 teaspoon Chili powder
2 tablespoons olive oil
3 teaspoons toasted sesame oil
1/2 tablespoon soy sauce.
3 teaspoons ground almond. (not essential if allergic to nuts)
Pinch of salt & pepper

First off, cut the chicken breasts in 20 equal chunks.  Lay a baking sheet over them, then gently apply pressure to each piece, flattening it out slightly.

In a small bowl, whisk the egg, sesame oil, soy sauce and a pinch of salt & pepper, scrape the chicken into the bowl, mix to make sure all of the chicken pieces are covered in the mixture.  Leave to one side.

In another bowl, mix the gram flour, onion granules, garlic granules, Chili Powder Chinese five spice and ground almond together.  Next gradually roll each individual piece of chicken in the flour & spices until it is completely covered and dry.  Pop them on a plate as you're doing it.

Once all the pieces are covered in flour, pour the rest of the dry mixture over the chicken on the plate, cover and leave to stand in a cool place for 30 minutes.

Once you come back to it, the coating should be quite sticky and no longer dry.

Heat up a large saucepan or griddle to a high heat, brush a little oil onto the pan using a pastry brush.  Once it's hot enough, gently place the individual nuggets onto the pan.  Cook each side carefully as the coating burns easily.  Turn the heat down to medium and continue to cook the nuggets, turning regularly, adding more oil as you need it.

Cut open the biggest nugget to see if it's cooked.  If it is, remove all the nuggets from the heat, season with a little salt and serve!

Best dips:
Soy sauce & olive oil.
Sweet & sour
Sweet Chili 
Barbecue (let's face it, barbecue tastes good with anything)

Hope you enjoy it, I'm under orders to make some more tonight, let me know how it goes if you decide to try them!


  1. Oh my, this looks delicious. Will definitely try this one soon. Thanks Cookie <3

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Ashlee, I was surprised it came out okay because I took it on my phone on a really crowded table =] xx

  3. My children are going to love this and you! Salty x

  4. Soooo going to try these out!! xx

  5. Looks like your cravings were well satisfied. Looks really appetizing!

  6. Yum :) Just to let you know i have nominated you for an award. Check it out on my blog. Congrats.

  7. I'll try too...I have some turkey breast fillets that I was looking to do something with and this might be it. ChristineMoz. X

  8. I can see why everyone was nicking these babies! You've done a great job of taking chicken nuggets up a notch. I'm bookmarking your recipe to make sometime soon for the ponytails. They'll love them!

    1. Cheers P&P =D I made a version of these for my friends little girl a few months ago with a dinosaur cutter, which she loved =]

  9. I am love these and loving your creativity!!!! I would have to try all your different sauce suggestion....after all, I am The Saucy Goumet :)

  10. LOL, I am The Saucy Gourmet, that can't spell her name

  11. Well I have just made my first batch of these and all I can say is that they are AMAZING!!!! They are yummy, tasty, crunchy, mouthfuls of gorgeousness! My son loved them, my hubby loved them, I love them!!!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. Mumzywiggles x

  12. Chowmein and chicken nuggets in one? Now that is the coolest idea ever :D
    They look wonderful!

    Choc Chip Uru

  13. Love nuggets! Especially when they come from real chicken ;)

    I've got a weird question... how do you put your logo on your pictures? I think it is a brilliant idea - prevents people from copying your stuff.

    p.s. - Check out my latest post :) @

    1. I use Photoshop to pop it on, but I know there are loads of other editors our there. I used to use paint before I forked out for PS =] xx

  14. hi emma, i follow u on ur weight loss blog and id love to nominate you for the addictive blogger award. il email you with the details :D katy s xxxxxx

    1. Thanks Katy! I received your email with the award, but you didn't link up your blog name, can you email me again with the link? x

  15. I made this recipe tonight and it IS just delicious. I didnt really have time to stand over a pan so I sprayed 1 cal fry spray onto a large sheet pan and placed the nuggets on it. 12 minutes or so for the first side and about the same on the other side and they were perfection. I missed out the almonds because of the kids too. Yummy. Will definitely make 'em again.

  16. Those sound awesome! Definitely going to have to give these a try :)

    Happy Blogging!
    Happy Valley Chow


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