Strawberry Vodka


So the final winner was Strawberry Vodka.  I made this batch months ago, and this bottle here is my last one left.  A shame really as it's so nice, but takes a week to get right.  Luckily it's hardly any work at all.

This was a massive hit at Christmas, mostly because of the vintage looking bottles and the fact that it was homemade and tied up with pretty ribbons.  They are also really nice, with a sweet aftertaste....

People ask how I come up with the recipes, and I'm pretty honest about the fact that most of them are flukes.  But I came up with the idea for this after watching a man on telly make a really nice looking ginger beer and my thought processes lead me to make this recipe.

Trial and error also helped out.  For instance - don't keep opening the top of your vodka jar. (It will never get boring holding a half gallon jar of vodka by the way, have fun with that)  Flies & other bugs are very attracted to the smell of fermenting fruit in alcohol!  Keep the lid on.

It's inexpensive to make as well.

However, you will need the following equipment.  Half gallon jar screw top jar, a strainer (or muslin cloth), a funnel, some pretty glass bottles to store.  Yes, they do need to be glass, sorry!  If it's any help, I got mine off the internet for just under £1 a bottle.  Though most cook-shops sell them too.

Ingredients you will need:
1 1/2 litres Vodka.
2 cans strawberries in light syrup.
200g Fresh Strawberries, mashed up with a squirt of honey.
500ml Cranberry Juice.
(yeah, it's a fun basket to take to the tills...)

First, pour the canned strawberries in a saucepan and warm slightly.  DO NOT BOIL!!

You'll need to sterilise your glass jar before you can put anything in it.  There are special tablet you can buy to do this, but I just rinse it out with warm water and then pop in the oven upside down on a really low temperature (gas mark 2 - 150°c)

Now, pour everything into the half gallon jar, including the warm strawberries in syrup.  Screw the top on and give it a good shake for about five minutes.  Then leave at room temperature, somewhere it won't get knocked off!

For at least twice a day for a week, you need to give it a good shake for a few minutes.  Usually once in the morning and once in the evening will do.  Try not to remove the lid, all sorts of things can get in there & affect the taste.

After a week, get your funnel, strainer & vodka mix.  Pour the vodka from the jar into a very large clean jug through the strainer to get rid of the pulp, strawberries & excess bits.  You might need to strain it a couple of times between a few jugs.

Next sterilse your glass bottles. (this mixture should make about 4 x 500ml bottles)

Pour the mixture into each glass evenly.  Then pop them in the fridge to chill for a day.  Now you can drink them whenever you like!  You will need to shake them before serving.

For a lower alcohol content (or just a different drink), fill the glass a quarter full with the strawberry vodka, add a quarter cranberry juice and fill to the top with carbonated water.  Stir (don't shake) and then serve!


I've taken into account that a few of you have requested a print file.  I promise I'll get on with that, i just haven't the time at the moment.

Keep the feedback coming on the usual medias, it's brilliant to see people enjoying it!


  1. Oh, this looks delicious. I'll definitely trying this sometimes soon. You've given me so many ideas I just don't know when I'll fit them all in!! xxx

  2. This vodka is like spring in a glass! Great, unique flavour, made with natural ingredients!

  3. This drink is like spring in a glass! Great, unique flavour made with natural ingredients!

  4. This drink is like summer in a glass! Great, unique flavour made with natural ingredients!


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