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Hi all, it's been a horribly rainy few days over where I am, and quite frankly I've been a little run down. So food has been plain, easy to eat meals like mash, salads, and grilled chicken.

This also means that I've had nothing to post, unless you like looking at pictures of chicken and mash, which actually I do.  Pictures of food make me happy....

So before I venture off, I just wanted to put to you guys a vote for what you'd like to see next.  People have been sending me in suggestions, and whilst I've love to have a poll with all of them on there, I've stuck to these recipes that I have in my little notebook at home.
Please have a vote (you can vote as many times as you like) and next week I'll make & post what ever gets the most votes.

I'll just run you through the options:

Strawberry Vodka: Exactly what it says on the tin, it's homemade strawberry vodka.  Put away your distillers, you only make the strawberry flavouring and infuse it!

Mango Tuna Steaks with Rainbow Cous Cous:
 A sweetly spiced Tuna steak with grilled mango and a colourful cous cous on the side, surprisingly easy and quick to make.

Wholemeal Poppy seed rolls:
 A bread recipe, which has been the most requested thing I've had since opening up this blog and writing about it.  These rolls are small & savoury, they go really well with soups!

Rich Chocolate Stardust Truffles: I make these for my mum, they melt as soon as you start to bite into them, they are creamy, rich and very moreish.  A very messy recipe, but an impressive one.

Apple Crumble Flapjacks:  I love apple crumble, I love flapjacks.  Alas, the recipe was born.

Homemade Vegetarian Pizza Towers:  I can't take full credit for these homemade pizzas, I adapted the dough recipe from a cookbook and the towers idea comes from watching a programme on how people in rural Italy make and eat pizza.

 With a twist, but I'm afraid that's a surprise!

Satay Egg Fried Rice:  Made with brown rice, with a satay sauce & multiple veggies, I make this a lot.

The voting is now closed.

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