Chocolate Stardust Truffles


Working with chocolate is usually a massive pain the wooden spoon.  You have to temper it to just the right temperature, it cannot be a degree out, and then you have to let it cool to just the right temperature and then you have to temper the bloody thing again!
That's why I love making these truffles so much.  All the fun of working with chocolate, no tempering or messing with thermometers....

Unless you're making a hard shell for your truffles.  But I'm going to be honest, these truffles are rich, creamy & moreish.  They don't need a hard outer shell.  They do well without the body armour.

Oh and it's also incredibly messy to make.  I recommend an apron to wipe hands on.  Taking pictures of this process was a right pain in the John, I had to wash my hands every time I wanted to take one.

I didn't think these were going to even make the top five in the vote, but I posted one teeny picture of some I made at Christmas and the vote went up by 90 in less than a day.  The power of chocolate.  It knows no bounds.

So I'll get on with it.  This is possibly the simplest way to make truffles that I know.  There are lots of more complicated ways, involving thermometers and strange stirring methods, but I thought I'd just go ahead and post a nice simple one.  Once again, the making of these was a fluke.  I was learning to make chocolate cream and let's just say it set wrong, and the idea for these was born.  A little tweaking to the mixture and process and this is the result.

This makes between 20-40 truffles, depending on how big you roll them.  It's an overnight job, so if you're making them for a present allow the night setting time.  It's also only five ingredients.  Pretty good, huh?  Because of the cream, they last about 2 weeks if you keep them in the fridge.

I've never had to test that theory though.

Ingredients you will need:
300ml double cream
Tablespoon light soft brown sugar 
200g chocolate spread (if you want to go nutty, use Nutella instead)
100g dark Chocolate (at least 60% cocoa)
300g Milk Chocolate (about 2 large Easter eggs)

For coating you can use:
Cocoa powder (the best)
Icing sugar
A mixture of cocoa powder & icing sugar 

First off, pour the cream into a large saucepan and stir in the sugar.  Set the heat to high and keep stirring the whole time.  Once the sugar has dissolved and the cream starts to boil, get out a whisk and carefully whisk the cream until it goes a little frothy on top. Like so:

Now add the chocolate spread, and whisk it in, letting it boil for a few minutes.  Make sure it is all combined before going onto the next step. 
Remove from the heat and let it cool for a few minutes.  Let it get to a temperature that you can comfortably dip your finger in but still hot enough to melt your chocolate.  Here is the chocolate:

God that looks good.  Anyway, while your cream is cooling, take the chocolate (Both dark & milk) and chop it into smallish sized pieces.  Pop it into the saucepan of cooled mixture and stir in until every last lump has melted and the entire mixture is combined.  It will be very thick, but still gloopy and a little runny. 

Pour into a bowl and leave to cool in the fridge for about an hour.  Once it has firmed a little (it will still be sticky and gloopy but a little easier to shape, pour/scrape onto a large piece of greaseproof paper.  Fold in the ends and roll into a log shape.  Cover this with cling film and pop back in the fridge for about 12-15 hours.  The log will look like so.  Yes, giggle away:

When you take your log shaped chocolate mummy out of the fridge, it will be hard and not bend or move at all.  Unwrap it from its paper tomb, and chop it into slices. (it will be firm but easy to cut.)  Like so:

Work quickly and limit the amount of touching as it melts very easily under human touch.  (Hence the melt in the mouth sensation when you're eating them) Take a slice, squidge it into a ball and roll it in your palms to perfect the shape.  You will get messy hands at this point.  Try to do this as quickly as possible to limit the amount of melting.

Next the coating.  I went for a mixture of Cocoa Powder & icing sugar because I was running out of Cocoa Powder, but the best option is to go for just cocoa powder, it makes it very rich.  Mix it onto a plate before rolling your balls (HA) in the powder.  Like so:

Pop back onto a tray and let them dry. (only takes a few minutes)  Then they are done!  You can eat them straight away. 

I highly recommend licking the spoon, licking the saucepan (once it's cooled) and taking any excess from your chocolate mummy.  To save on cleaning of course....

Cue the sexy food porn picture to end the blog:

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  2. These look amazing and such a simple recipie! May have to try these in the near future, always though making truffles was really hard so thanks for this recipie :) xxx

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