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  As I write this, the UK is experiencing a mini heatwave.  It's pretty hot.  Alot of people are talking about it.  Luckily, we were away at the beach when the sun first appeared.  Our first holiday with Gen, and her first time on the beach.

If you'd a little backstory on Genna read this: Don't worry here's my butt - The 'tail' of my pooch.  She's been with me since I was 13, and is pretty awesome.  Go on, go have a gander, there's a lot of pictures of her in hats.

Let's get down to business.  There is a lot of things in this post.  Sunsets.  Food.  Beaches.  Typical instagram jumpy asshole pictures.  Baywatch dogs.  It's all here.

I'll start by introducing who'll you'll be seeing a lot of.

L-R - Kris, myself, Ayse & James.
Yep, us.

The journey from our county to the middle of Cornwall was a long one.  We set off at about 8 in the morning and arrived a little after three, with some pit-stops for coffee, dog peeing and leg stretching.  I don't think Gen was complaining too much about the seating arrangements though.

One place we stopped off is a favourite of mine, The Jamaica Inn.  It's the title and setting of the Daphne du Maurier novel and recent TV adaption, but that's not the main reason I love it (I've been a fair few times prior to this).  It's got an awesome story, built in 1750  as a coaching inn, it has a butt-load of history. Stories of smuggling, and ghosts (it's supposed to be really haunted) not to mention the whole place is lovely to walk round and it still contains the old bar.

We just had a coffee, and Gen emptied their water bowl, but it was a good pit-stop none-the-less as the sun was shining, and it was starting to get really bloody hot.

Gen had just spotted food. 

Short arms do not make for a flattering selfie.
Then we were off, the next hour down to the place where we'd be resting our heads for the next few nights.

We were staying in beautifully restored cottage, an old school mistresses house, (I think) with tons of charm, and two hosts that were proud as punch to show it to us.  They had a big field that Gen was allowed to roam, with a brilliant view of the sunset.  Over the next few days, we'd learn about the restoration, and what it looked like before, but the main thing was the kitchen.

It had an awesome, VERY well stocked kitchen.  Which considering we had come with the intention of cooking all our own meals was perfect.  We ate dinners either in the living room overlooking the fields or in the little courtyard.  Such an awesome backdrop to our little adventure.  If you fancy checking it out, it's here.

No, I haven't been paid / sponsored to leave that there, I feel compelled to share it.

After unpacking and settling in, we couldn't wait to get walking.  We bundled (a little reluctantly) back into the car for a short drive to take a coastal walk to the beach.

If you ever take a coastal walk in Cornwall, you will always be taken aback by how beautiful it is.

And windy.

Really, bloody windy.

but mostly beautiful.

After trekking the coastal paths for about an hour, we reached the beach to let off on her first beach adventure.

She loved it.  At first she was hesitant of the wet sand and the sea....

But after a few minutes, she became super dog, and literally ran everywhere.  I've never seen her so excited and happy.

Though to say Gen was the only one enjoying the beach would be a massive lie.

I am the only one blissfully unaware of the impending wet dog.

Then I started getting hungry, and I was making that fact pretty well known, so as the sun started to set, we headed back up the coastal path to the car.

We got back, made some quick food and watched the sunset at the same time.  No picture of the food, too hungry to waste time with photos.

Bright an early the next morning, Gen went for a leisurely sniff in the adjoining field before we set off to St. Ives.  I don't have many pictures of St. Ives due to heat / laziness / too much food in my hands, but there we go.

It was bloody hot in St. Ives and I had a really bad case of hay fever, but did we let that ruin our morning!  Hell no!  We wondered the shops, soaked up the sun and bought some lush food from the many little shops dotted around.  We got fish and chips, and ate it by the sea.  Luckily no seagulls stole our food.

Back home we made some dinner,  pictured above.  Then we set off for another evening beach adventure.

See that?  I am going to poop down there.

The sky this particular evening was beautiful.

The next day, we had cream tea on the brain.  We ventured to St. Micheals Mount.

So far, it was boiling hot, so we walked across the causeway (it disappears under the sea after a certain point in the day) and found a shaded area to have a brew, some sweet stuff and a bowl of water.

Then off to Mousehole, which was teeny & sweet.  Lots of narrow winding streets on hills.  We walked around for a few hours, had a little rest over looking the sea (and having some snacks) and then we scarpered off home for a last evening feast.

After dinner, we bundled the car up with some pudding, cider and blankets and went to watch the sunset on another beach.


Gen, Kris and I climbed up some rocks, made a little base and watched the stars come out.  The only editing I did to this picture was lighten it.  It really did look this beautiful in real life.

The next day was home-day.  We said goodbye to our hosts, packed up our car and made our way home.  Not without a little pit-stop in Padstow.

Where we also happened across mine & Kris' family who were also holidaying in Cornwall.

We got in a few drinks, wondered the beach there, grabbed a fish an chips from Rick steins and set off home.

Major sad face.

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